Emergency Phones

Emergency Phone 623Emergency phones are strategically placed throughout the campus for safety. Emergency phones are activated by pushing the red button, automatically contacting Buffalo County 911 dispatch center. Speak to the 911 Dispatcher by speaking into the front of the pad in a clear and calm manner. Be prepared to provide as much detail as possible regarding your emergency situation. Once the call is received, the 911 Dispatcher will send Police Services' Officers to your location.

If you are in danger, injured, are being followed or are observing a crime in progress, activate the nearest emergency phone. If necessary, keep moving, activating additional emergency phones as you proceed to a safe location. The 911 Dispatchers will send Officers to an emergency phone activation whether someone speaks to them or not. Students and staff are encouraged to learn the locations of the emergency phones and to use them for all security-related and emergency communications. All phones have a lighted top and are marked "Emergency". To ensure proper operation, the emergency phones are tested on a weekly basis. In the event that an emergency phone is under repair, a sign will be posted stating the phone is out of order.

Emergency Phones are located in the following areas:

  • West of West Center
  • South of Communications Center
  • Between Copeland Hall and the Library
  • North of College of Education
  • North of Thomas Hall
  • Northeast corner of the Nebraskan
  • Northeast of Cope Stadium along sidewalk
  • Southeast Corner of Lot 8
  • North of Mantor Hall, just south of Foster Field
  • Northwest of Cope Stadium

To access the UNK map with Emergency phone locations please click this link.