Parent Information

Parent Information  (Click here for PDF)

Fall 2019 Semester Study Plan

Weeks 1-5


What’s going on

What they can do

Week One: August 26-30

Class Introductions:

  • Background Material
  • Slower Pace
  • Drop/add by Friday

Tutors Available 7p.m-9p.m. Monday through Thursday

  • Meet Tutors
  • Plan Study Schedule

Week Two: September 2-6

Classes “pick up”

  • Quizzes
  • Short writing assignments
  • Regular Homework Assignments

Tutors available day and evening

  • Talk to tutors about new concepts
  • Discuss college writing expectations

Weeks Three-Five:

September 9-27

1st Tests and Papers

  • Usually covers 3-4 chapters (like a unit test in high school)
  • Paper lengths vary, so prep time will too
  • “Desperation” in full swing

Plan Ahead

  • Schedule writing appointments
  • Study a week ahead for exams
  • Process out loud
  • Clarify questions with professors

The Rest of the Semester

Cycle Repeats

What’s going on

What they can do


2nd Round “Mid Terms”

  • Usually several tests and papers
  • LC experiences it’s highest traffic flow

Avoid Panic!

  • Set up week long study schedules for each test and paper
  • Not a great time to start getting help in the LC; come sooner!


3rd Round

  • Changing grades harder past this point
  • Holiday stress
  • Projects often assigned

Keep things in perspective

  • If a grade is low, talk with teachers and advisors about it
  • Attend “Finals” Workshops


4th (last) round

  • Holiday stress
  • Academic stress


  • Find and maintain a balance of academic and social priorities

Last Two Weeks

The Last Two Weeks

What’s going on

What They can do

December 9-13

“Dead Week”

  • No new tests, papers, or projects this week
  • Preparation time for Finals Week
  • There are exceptions (lab finals, etc.)


  • Study heavily now
  • Make writing center appointments this week (often fills up fast)
  • Subject Tutors work at night only

December 16-20 

“Finals Week”

  • Many classes have a comprehensive final
  • Writing classes may have in-class writing finals and/or final paper


  • Tutors available by appointment only so plan ahead
  • Studying should be review at this point; it may not be if “Dead Week” was not used well