What Is Tutoring Like?

Coming to tutoring for the first time can be a little unnerving. You may not have needed any help in high school, so asking for it in college might be hard to do. Or maybe you’ve gotten help before, but always from friends or a teacher rather than from someone new.
UNK Subject Tutors help you feel comfortable and secure in your effort. Their goal is to build your confidence so that you eventually need them less, and thereby become more academically independent.
Goals of Tutoring and How They Play Out
We want to help students build:
So we:
Which might seem like we:


have students try on their own as much as possible

don't want to help


ask students questions instead of telling them information

don't know how to help

Problem-solving skills

have students think about the purpose of papers and problems

don't know how to get started

Study skills

engage students in finding information they need

aren't knowledgeable in our subjects

Relationships with Faculty

refer students to faculty when stuck

don't want to keep trying

Relationships with Other Students

ask students to explain ideas to other students

are too busy to help them ourselves