UNK Web Page Standards


The UNK Web site is an evolving, interactive communication tool and information resource for current and prospective students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of UNK as well as the rest of the world. To that end, it should be a dynamic addition to and extension of the University both in instruction and in marketing and will uphold high standards of content, design, and integrity.

These guidelines are applicable to all University units wishing to place information on the Web. This extends to all University domain names. The exceptions are those pages involved with delivery of instruction and dissemination of research as well as vendor-supplied packaged software. If you have any questions, please contact the Information Technology Services Helpdesk.

  • These guidelines serve the following purposes:
  • To support the marketing of UNK as an established yet dynamic institution that continues to change and grow.
  • To ensure that any campus entity creating Web pages is responsible for the design, content and maintenance of the pages.
  • To strive for simplicity, ease of use, and current information.
  • To ensure the Web pages are consistent with the UNK mission statement, strategic plan, and the marketing plan.

University Policies

Information providers must meet the terms set forth in the University policies governing both publication and computer use. These include:

In addition, the following Web policies are currently in effect:

  • Each department of office is responsible for linking only to appropriate content outside of the control of UNK. Links to UNK personal pages, whether hosted on UNK servers or elsewhere, should be made only from the individual’s personal profile page.
  • UNK does allow pages that provide information about an individual that is relevant to that individual’s role at the University.
  • All official sites within the UNK site need to note that they are part of the University of Nebraska at Kearney and include a link back to the UNK home page and the official UNK Web graphical identity.
  • Copyright and Trademark laws apply to electronic publishing as well as to print publishing. Unless exempted by law, page developers must have permission to publish the information, graphics, or photographs on their pages if they are not the copyright or trademark owner. Electronic publications are subject to the same University policies and standards as print publications.
  • UNK provides official Web services to enhance the educational and administrative processes of the UNK electronic community. Any violation of guidelines for acceptable use is a serious offense and the University reserves the right to examine any information resident on university systems and to take appropriate action to protect its network and systems from events that threaten or degrade normal operations.
  • Unless alternative sites are agreed upon by all responsible parties, Web pages will reside under the unk.edu domain and will be hosted on authorized servers under the administration of Information Technology Services.

Homepage Graphics

Templates of the graphics used on the UNK home page will be provided to the campus community. All units under the unk.edu domain down to the department level will be required to follow the UNK Website Style Guide.

  • Graphics that are designated universal to the UNK Web site (ex. Web identity, toolbar, etc.) are stored in one location on the server and should not be moved or copied to another location.

The following guidelines pertain to those Web pages created by/for UNK offices, departments and related organizations and which are intended to be linked from UNK’s main Web pages.

  • The responsibility for the accuracy of information contained on the Web pages and adherence to UNK’s guidelines as well as all applicable laws lies with the individual office, department, or related organization.
  • One permanent University employee (not a student) will serve as the department or office "Pagemaster." The Pagemaster may delegate actual page authoring duties to someone else (including a student), but will oversee the project. The Pagemaster will also serve as the departmental or office contact person for Information Technology services for web-page related issues.
  • The Web Registration Form, available from the Office of Communication will be required for each office, department, and related organization’s set of Web pages. The head of the functional area is responsible for the organization of the pages within his/her area.
  • Each department, office, or related organization must stay current on UNK site administration and page development policies.
  • All information provided on Web pages must be accurate and up-to-date.
  • Pages that contain general information of interest, such as calendars, class schedules/catalogs, and search tools, will be available in a central location for inclusion on department or office pages. This information is centralized for accuracy and availability.
  • No information distributed via the Web can be private, confidential, or detrimental to the campus.
    Pages will be linked from UNK’s main page only after meeting the above guidelines.
Student Organizations

UNK will provide links to student organizations that are recognized by the campus. Student organization Web pages must include a link to the UNK home page. Each organization must identify a person as their Web coordinator. That person will be responsible for the content of the material that the organization publishes on the Web. That person’s name and email address must be included at the bottom of each Web page for the organization.

Student organizations that wish to establish and maintain Web pages on the UNK site must complete the Web Registration Form, available from the Office of Communication, and provide the signature of their faculty advisor.


UNK reserves the right to remove web pages of student organizations when content is not maintained.

No Web page shall display commercial advertisements without prior authorization. References and links to commercial sites are permitted for their information value, but advertisements, and particularly paid advertisements, are not. No one shall accept payments, discounts, free merchandise or services, or any other remuneration in return for placing anything on their web pages or similar facilities.

It is acceptable to display references and links to corporate sponsors as acknowledgements, expressing appreciation for the sponsor’s support. Such acknowledgements should not endorse the sponsor or its products and should not induce readers to patronize the sponsor.

Authorization for display of commercial advertisements on Web pages will be made by the Chancellor or a designee following review by legal and accounting office.