UNK Website Style Guide

Why have a style guide?

The web style guide at UNK is intended to help University of Nebraska at Kearney web authors (also known as "pagemasters") create pages that complement the established graphic identity of the University.

Overview of the UNK Web Style
Web pages can be wildly different in design, and in order to create a uniform identity and an interface that is less confusing to the user, the University has adopted a standard design style for all official University Web pages. This design has been implemented in the Cascade Server CMS system that web authors use to manage their presence on the UNK website.

Standard elements include:

The UNK Web Graphic Identifier (required)
"Breadcrumb" links for easier navigation to parent pages
Univers font for Headlines/Titles
Univers text font for standard paragraph content
Non-framed pages
Full website search box
Department/Office contact information from each intro page
Required Colors: Blue (#004d86) and Gold (#e4a115)

The reason for the standard is simple: every page on the University of Nebraska at Kearney website, no matter how obscure, can be reached directly through search engines and links from other sites. In that regard, every page on the University website represents UNK to the world. A user that enters our web site should be able to navigate easily through our pages, regardless of how they entered our site. Likewise, someone who clicks through several pages in the University web site should always know that they are still at the UNK site. The standard design will achieve both of these goals.