Information about phone equipment supported by UNK Telecommunications can be found at the links below. Inspect the label on the bottom of your phone to determine the model name or product code.

Aastra 9116 Example

9116 sticker

M5316 (NT4X42) Example
M5316 sticker

Aastra 9116LP (Analog)

Aastra Corded VoIP Phones aastra 9116

9116LP User Guide


  • Call Display with Visual Call Waiting — lets you see who’s calling before you answer*
  • PBX Line or DC powered
  • Can enable or disable Speakerphone with mute
  • 8 programmable memory keys — for quick access to features* or frequently called numbers
  • Three line adjustable display with Contrast control — shows the number dialed and other helpful information
  • Callers List — stores name, number, date, and time of 80 caller
  • 20-name and number scroll style Directory
  • On-hook dialing — lets you dial and listen without picking up the handset
  • Compatible with Centrex, PBX or standard telephone service
  • CLASS and Voltage Message Waiting indication
  • Programmable Feature On and Off keys with indication
  • Adjustable receiver volume
  • English/French/Spanish prompts
  • Call timer
  • Desk or wall mount
  • Hearing aid compatible

M5312/NT4X37 (Digital)

Phone Model M5312

M5312 User Guide

M5312 Programming Sheet


  • Large hinged display
  • Ten programmable keys
  • Caller ID
  • Superior quality speakerphone for handsfree operation
  • Feature in use indicators show status of features such as ring again, call forward and message waiting
  • Hold, Release and Handsfree keys
  • Volume control
  • Compatible with M536 and M518 add-on modules

M5216/NT4X44 (Digital)

Phone Model M5216

M5216 User Guide

M5216 Programming Sheet


  • Single-line phone with multi-line functionality
  • Extra wide, 2-line X 24-character display
  • Reason Display to give users additional call information
  • Caller ID
  • Headset capability
  • Visual ringing indication
  • Fourteen programmable keys
  • Feature/line indicator to let you know at a glance if a feature or line is in use
  • Visual message waiting indicator
  • Hold and Release keys
  • Program key to let users enter the programming mode to set up local features, such as time and date and the call timer
  • Supervisor ACD features that let you monitor and manage individual agents and groups
  • Volume control
  • Compatible with M522 add-on module
  • Does NOT have Handsfree/Speakerphone capabilities

M5316/NT4X42 (Digital)

M5316 User Guide

M5316 Programming Sheet


  • Single-line set with multi-line functionality
  • Handsfree capability, using third generation technology
  • Hold, Release and Handsfree keys
  • Thirteen programmable feature keys
  • Extra wide, 2-line X 24-character display
  • Caller ID
  • Reason Display to give users additional call information, such as whether a call has been forwarded
  • Visual ringing indication
  • Larger keypad buttons
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Volume control
  • Compatible with M522 add-on module 

M6320/A1613-0000-10-07 (Digital)

Phone Model M6320

M6320 User Guide

M6320 Programming Sheet

  • Sleek new design
  • Thirteen programmable feature keys
  • LCD indicators
  • Enhanced Handsfree/Speakerphone
  • Dual headset jack
  • Visual message waiting indicator
  • Hold, Release and Mute keys
  • Adjustable 2-line x 24-character display
  • Visual ringing indicator
  • Call timer
  • Multiple Appearance Directory Number (MADN) capable
  • Predial
  • Volume control
  • Compatible with M622 add-on module
  • NOT compatible with Remote Handset Lifters