Telecommunications MAC Week - August 3-7 (orders due by July 31)

Call for Fall Work Orders

UNK Telecommunications reminds departments to submit telephone Move, Add, and Change (MAC) orders needed in time for Fall semester now. Do have numbers to move to different offices? Voicemail boxes or passcodes reset? Buttons re-programmed? Or new services installed? If so, please complete and return the Telephone Change Order Form (PDF) available in Sapphire at Business Forms > UNK > Telecommunications  by Friday, July 31.

Note that a one-time charge may apply depending on the work requested. (More info on telecommunications rates and fees is available here.) UNK Telecommunications will schedule orders for the first week of August in an effort to minimize the cost and to ensure timely completion.

Free Programming Limited-time Offer

UNK Telecommunications will provide no-cost programming changes for business set users. Meridian digital business sets (examples pictured below) can be programmed with common features such as call transfer and speed dial. Another common feature is a busy lamp field, which acts like a speed dial button and also shows if a line is in use.

Picture of Meridian Digital Centrex Business Sets

If you would like to change the features programmed to your phone or the extensions programmed to your busy lamp field buttons, please complete and submit the programming sheet for your phone by Friday, July 31. Programming sheets can be found at

Please contact Ryan S. Rodehorst at or 865-8430 with questions.