Technology Store

UNK Technology Store Return Policies

Terms and Conditions: 

UNK Technology Store makes computer hardware, software and accessories available at discounted educational prices.  You are eligible for this educational pricing if you are a member of the UNK Community (student, staff and current faculty) and if you represent that the equipment purchased is for your personal, educational and/or research use and not for business, resale or any other purpose.  Due to licensing restrictions, Alumni and Retired faculty are not eligible to purchase Microsoft Office or Adobe products at the educational price.

Additional Microsoft and Adobe Licensing Conditions: 

UNK Technology Store may only sell one license per student/staff for Microsoft Office, Windows 7 upgrade and any Adobe products.  Students and faculty must present a valid University of Nebraska - Kearney ID at the time of purchase.  Purchasers must also fill out and sign an Adobe user agreement at the time of sale.  

Microsoft requires that its Office program be validated using a current or email address. UNK Technology Store will not be responsible for lost product keys for Microsoft Office software.  Please note that the store has no way to keep record of an individual's product key nor do we have the ability to contact Microsoft to obtain this information.  Purchasers are responsible for the validation of product via Microsoft's online eligibility verification.

Microsoft Office cannot be returned or exchanged for any reason. 

UNK Technology Store will accept merchandise for return under the following conditions: 

  • Items must be in original packaging and in perfect condition
  • Items must be verified defective by UNK Technology Store Staff.  Non-working does not mean that features that a customer assumed the product would have are not available.
  • Items must be returned within five days of purchase (for all items that must be ordered, purchase date is the day the customer is notified that their item is available for pickup).

Please consider your purchases carefully and in consultation with one of our staff.  All sales are final at the time of pick up or delivery. 

Apple and Dell machines are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.  These will be honored at any of their authorized service centers or through their customer support via the web.

Customers are responsible for the installation of purchased software.  UNK Technology Store does not provide information or services regarding software installation.  If such services are needed, customers must contact a local computer establishment or the UNK Help Desk, for an additional fee.  The UNK Help Desk charges $100 for the installation of Windows upgrades and $25 for installation of Microsoft Office.

 Items requested/ordered from UNK Technology Store must be picked up within 3 days of notification that the order is available.  Customers will be notified that their order has arrived and if not picked up within 3 days of that notification, a final notification will be sent.  If the item is not picked up within 24 hours of that final notification, the product will be returned to stock and the customer will be charged a 20% restocking fee.