Office 365 for Students

Office 365 for UNK Faculty & Staff

Office 365 iPad subscription costs for UNK Faculty/Staff:

  • Pro-rated yearly subscription (August-October 31, 2014)
    • $6.50 per person
  • Yearly subscription (November 1 to October 31)
    • $26 per person

Survey Due Date:  Friday, July 25

To purchase Office 365 for your UNK iPad, you must complete this survey

 Click on Survey Link:

What information do I need to complete the survey?

1.  Cost Center number

You may need to contact your department secretary to have him/her complete the survey.  

2.  Name and UNK email addresses of people needing Office on their iPad

The survey allows you to enter every person in your department that needs Office 365 on their iPad using the same cost center number.   Also, if you have others that would like Office 365 on their UNK iPad, please add them now.