Office 365 for Students

Migration Assistant

Email Migration

The instructions below are used for moving email from your old Gmail account to your new Office 365 account. If you are having issues signing into your Office 365 account or do not know how to. Contact the Helpdesk at (308)865-8363 or

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Don't Know Your Password"
  3. Click on "Mobile Access Password"
    • Follow the Mobile Access Password instructions to set or reset your password. ***HINT: Set your Mobile Access Password to your current EASI password***
      • No matter what you do, the SSRPM system is going to give you the following error message "An error occurred while resetting your password. Error (code: -1)". Ignore this, your Mobile Password was reset.
  4. Go back to and sign into your Gmail-based LoperMail account
    • Before proceeding any further read the information and tips below:
      • The migration WILL ONLY move over your inbox folder, so if you placed emails in other folders they will not be migrated. Move all emails into the inbox folder.
      • Delete / Cleanup all unwanted emails from your Gmail account
  5. Go to Gmail Settings and select Settings
  6. Select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab
    • Select Enable POP for all mail and then save changes
  7. Go to and sign into your Microsoft based LoperMail account
  8. Select the ms icon icon in the top right corner and select Options
  9. Under account, select the Connected Accounts tab and then select the Add Account Icon New account icon
    • Enter the following information:
      • Email address: Full email address
      • Password: Mobile Access Password
    • Click Next
    • Click Skip
    • When the following screen appears click on the POP option
    • In the next windows enter the following information:
      • Display Name: Full Name
      • Email Address: Type your username with this address ***NOT***
              • Example:
      • Username: Full email address
              • Example:
      • Password: Mobile Access Password
      • Uncheck the Leave mail on server checkbox and click Save
    • You will be prompted to enter server information
      • Incoming Server:
      • Authentication: Basic
      • Encryption: SSL
      • Port: 995
      • Leave all other options as the default
      • Click Save
    • You should now get a message stating your email has been connected and a verification email has been sent to your Gmail account.
    • Go back to your Gmail based Lopermail account and Verify the email from "The Microsoft Team".
    • After you verify your emails should start "popping" from your Gmail to Microsoft account, be patient and slowly all your emails will be copied over.
      • Note: DO NOT reply to any of the migrated emails. These emails are simply "copies" from the Gmail system and if you reply to an email that has been migrated it WILL NOT send properly.

Contact Migration

These instructions are for migrating your contacts from your Gmail LoperMail to Office 365 LoperMail.

  1. Go to, and login with your EASI credentials.
  2. Select Gmail (OLD) LoperMail in the right column.
  3. Once you log in and see your Gmail based LoperMail account, click on the Apps box and select Contacts.

    Contacts 1

  4. A new tab will open with yours contact, click on the More button and select Export.

    contacts 2

  5. A pop up box will appear, you can either choose which group of contacts you want to export or you can choose all of then. Select the Outlook CSV format and click Export.

    contacts 3

    • Your contacts will be downloaded to the "Downloads" folder on your computer. Or can be saved to a different location if you choose too. Make sure you remember where you saved this folder.
  6. Login to your email account.
  7. Select the People tab along the top and then select the Gear in the top right corner and click Import Contacts.

    contacts tab

  8. Choose File and navigate to the folder you downloaded from earlier and you can choose the .CSV file you wish to import.
  9. Your contacts should now be imported.

If you have any issues or problems, contact the Helpdesk at (308)865-8363 or at

Google Drive Migration

The instructions below are for downloading all your Google Drive files. These files can then be uploaded to your new Microsoft OneDrive account. This can either be done through the web by uploading files individually, or by downloading the OneDrive program.

Downloading Google Drive to your computer

  1. Go to, and login with your EASI credentials.
  2. Select Gmail (OLD) LoperMail in the left column.
  3. Once you log in and see your Gmail based LoperMail account, click on the following Google Takeout link to go to Google Takeout.
  4. Uncheck all the options, but keep Drive checked.
  5. Click Edit next to drive and select whether you want to download all the files and folders, or select the specific files and folders you want and click Done.
    • Leave the file formats at default. Unless you specifically want to change them.
  6. Select the Create Archive option
  7. Google Takeout will then begin "archiving" all of your files and data. When it is completed you will be able to download it as a .ZIP file by clicking the Download button.
  8. Your Google Drive will now be downloaded, by default it usually goes to your Downloads folder.
  9. You can access your files anytime but either opening the ZIP file or extracting the folder to another location on your computer.
  10. If you want to learn how to move this data to OneDrive, follow one set of instructions below.

Uploading Google Drive to Microsoft OneDrive Via OneDrive Desktop Application

Coming Soon

Uploading Google Drive to Microsoft OneDrive Via Outlook Web Application

Coming Soon