LoperMail FAQ

Your LoperMail account is a full-featured email client with built-in instant messaging, voice and video chat, tasks, mobile access, spam and virus protection.

What is LoperMail?

LoperMail is your student email account at UNK which allows you to take advantage of Microsoft’s email, productivity, and collaboration tools. Your email address will be in this format: username@lopers.unk.edu

How do I set up LoperMail on my Smart Phone or computer device?

Click on the link below and select your device

LoperMail setup on Mobile Device

What is my username and password for LoperMail?

Your username and password for LoperMail is your EASI username and password.
  • Your EASI username and password will be used for LoperMail, Blackboard, UNK Wireless and Qualtrics.
  • Your EASI username is the first part of your UNK LoperMail address.
  • If you've forgotten or don't know your EASI password, visit https://easi.unk.edu/
Click on the Don't Know My Password? link > select Student Password Reset > Follow the wizard to change your EASI password.

How long can I keep my LoperMail email account?

You can keep your LoperMail email account for up to two years past your last semester of classes taken.

Will my EASI username and password also get me into MyBLUE portal?

No. You will need to use your NUID and TrueYou password in MyBLUE.

  • Use your EASI username and password for LoperMail, Blackboard, UNK Wireless and other services.

How many people can I send one email to?

The maximum number of email recipients is 500.

What is the largest email I can send?

The maximum total size of an email message, this includes the message header, the message body, and any file attachments is 35MB.

How much space will I have?

Each LoperMail user receives 49.5GB of storage space for email. If you reach your 49.5GB limit you will no longer be able to send email.

Will this affect my current Microsoft account?

No. LoperMail is powered by Microsoft but is separate from other email accounts you may have with Microsoft.

Do I need a LoperMail account if I already have a personal Microsoft/Outlook account?

Yes. LoperMail is a separate that allows you to send and receive LoperMail (Microsoft email) using your @lopers.unk.edu email address.

  • Your LoperMail account provides the benefits of Microsoft in an ad-free environment.
  • You will need to use your LoperMail account for all UNK notifications and email.
  • Your instructors will only communicate with you through your LoperMail account.