Information Technology Services

Security Guidelines for Traveling

If you are traveling overseas, check out these guides from the FBI.

  • If possible, do not take your work device with you. Contact the UNK Helpdesk about getting a “loaner” device.
  • Avoid taking any sensitive or confidential university data with you unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Be sure that all operating systems and software are fully patched and up-to-date with security software.
  • Be sure to password protect your devices.  Do not use the same passwords on your work and personal devices.
  • Set up lost device location services and remote wiping capability
  • Assume that anything you do on your devices will be intercepted, especially over WiFi.
  • Be cautious using public computers.
  • If you must access sensitive university data from off-campus, connect through the UNK VPN service.
  • Do not insert untrusted USB drives or other portable media into your devices.
  • Keep your devices on you or locked in a safe whenever possible.
  • If you have used any UNK passwords (EASI, MyBLUE, etc) while away, change them.