Lync FAQ

How do I sign-in to the Lync Client?

Start the Lync software

  • Type your full email address.
  • Type your email password. Your email password is your EASI password.

How do I add a contact?

To add a contact:
  • Type a name in the Search field. While you type, the search results start appearing below the search box.
  • In the search results, point to the picture of the person you want to add, and then click
    the More Options (...) button.
  • Point to Add to Contact List, and select a group for your new contact to belong to.
  • (Optional) To view or change the privacy relationship, in the Contacts list, right-click the contact’s listing, click Change Privacy Relationship, and select a new one if the highlighted one isn’t what you want.

How do I create, delete, rename, or change the order of contact groups?

Create a contact group:
  • In the Microsoft Lync main window, right-click an existing group name (for example, Other Contacts), and then click Create New Group.
  • Type a name for your new group in the Group Name field.
  • Press the return key.
Delete a contact group:
  • In the Lync main window, in your Contact list, right-click the heading for the group you want to delete, then click Delete Group on the drop-down list. (You can also rename a group, or change the order in which your groups are displayed, from this same drop-down list.)

How do I send an instant message (IM)?

  • Double-click a contact entry.
  • Type the message that you want to send.
  • Press the return key.
  • To end the IM session, close the conversation Window.

How to add a video chat to IM?

  • In the Lync main Windows, right click a contact.
  • Select Start a Video Call from the drop-down menu.
  • To end a Video Call, close the conversation Window.

How to add an audio chat to IM?

  • In the Lync main Windows, right click a contact.
  • Select Call from the drop-down menu.
  • To end the audio chat, close the conversation Window.

How can I send an attachment?

To Transfer an attachment in Instant Message:
  • In the Lync main window, right click a contact and start an IM, a Call, or a video messaging session.
  • Using your mouse pointer, drag the file that you want to send and drop it onto the conversation window.
  • When the transfer is complete, a Transfer of (file name) is complete message appears in the conversation window.

How can I share my desktop or a program?

You can show your entire desktop or just a program to everyone in a Lync Meeting, call, or instant messaging (IM) conversation.

  • Share your desktop when you need to switch between programs or work on files from different programs.
  • Share a program when you need to present specific programs or files and don’t want people to see anything else on your computer.

Share Desktop or a program
  • At the bottom of the conversation window, point to the presentation (monitor) icon, and, on the Present tab, do one of the following:
  • To share the content on your desktop, click Desktop.
  • When sharing your desktop, everyone in the meeting can see your programs, files, and notifications. If you have confidential information or files that you don't want people to see, close them or use program sharing instead.
  • To share one or more program or file, click Program, and then select the specific program(s) or file(s).

How to give and take control of a sharing session?

If you want another meeting participant to change a file, help you present, or demonstrate something, you can grant control to that person. You will both be in control of the sharing, and you can take back control anytime.

  • On the sharing toolbar, click Give Control.
  • Select the name of the person you want to give control to.
    Lync sends a notification to that person to let them know you’re sharing control.
  • To take control back, click Give Control again, and then click Take Back Control.

How can I spell check in Lync IMs?

Lync does not currently have a built-in spellchecking.

Can I add customized emoticons to my Lync IMs?

No, you can’t. But there are 80 emoticons in the Lync assortment. To see them, click the emoticon icon to the right of the text input area on the conversation window.

What types of information can I copy and paste into an IM?

You can copy and paste text, tables, and links from other Microsoft Office products directly into a Lync IM. You can't paste images (screenshots, photos, etc.) directly into an IM, but you can paste them onto a whiteboard and display them to others.

What is Whiteboard?

  • A Whiteboard is a blank page that you can use to work together with other meeting participants by being able to type notes, draw, or import images.
  • When your meeting is over, you can save the Whiteboard with the data from the participants’ collaboration.

Open a new Whiteboard

  • In an IM conversation window select Sharing Center > Whiteboard.
  • A blank Whiteboard opens on the meeting stage on everyone’s screen.
  • The annotation tool set opens automatically on the right side of the Whiteboard.
  • Click any of the tools to annotate on the Whiteboard, such as: Pointer tool, Pen, Highlighter, Eraser, and so on.