ilos is a video platform for education and training. Use ilos to record and distribute high quality video content in a fraction of the time. You and your students can quickly record, edit, and share videos within one secure and simple-to-use platform. 

ilos Basics

  1. Capture with any device, anytime.
  2. While you are capturing your content you can record using your webcam and any audio from your computer.


  1. Make it accessible for all
  2. Video permission
  3. Manage your videos
  4. Share your ilos video

Edit Your Video

Once you complete your recording and name it; the video auto-uploads to the cloud.

  1. Trimming out a section
  2. Blurring out information
  3. Adding some jazzy music
  4. Upload a cover image for your video.
  5. Linking to other videos
  6. Combining video clips

Make Your Video Interactive

  1. marking important chapters
  2. leaving comments in your video.