Teaching and Learning with an iPad

Author: Jane Petersen

Here at UNK, every student and faculty has an opportunity to teach and learn with an iPad. Today's students are the most mobile, collaborative-learning students in the history of education.

The most effective classrooms today are students and instructors that are moving, collaborating, sharing and building knowledge together. The iPad has made a significant difference at UNK in teaching and learning. Faculty have embraced iPad-optimized classes and students are more engaged.

UNK continues to transform the educational experience by improving classroom technology along with mobile connectivity and Internet service across the campus

Because UNK is continuing to expand its offering of iPad courses, iPads will be required in some "iPad classes" as course tools -- just like textbooks. We are transitioning to student-purchased iPads instead of loaners as a way to increase all students’ use of iPads throughout their curricular and co-curricular activities.

Students can purchase their iPads directly from the UNK Online Technology Store. The UNK Technology Store in Otto Olsen 115 provides students with cost savings on all of their technology needs including iPad covers, keyboards, and cables.

iPad-Required and iPad-Recommended Courses
UNK students are encouraged to purchase their own iPad as an intensive mobile learning tool for their iPad-required or iPad-recommended course. We also understand that it may not be feasible for some of our students to purchase an iPad for their course. UNK has a limited number of iPads for students in iPad-required and iPad-recommended courses to check out for the semester.

Any UNK student in an iPad-required course who needs to borrow a UNK iPad must stop into the UNK Help Desk in Otto Olsen 115 one week before or two weeks after classes begin. Bring with you your NUID and $15 for the insurance. If you have any questions, please contact Jim Trambly at tramblyjf@unk.edu or Jane Petersen at petersenjl@unk.edu.

Start here with your new iPad.

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