Canvas FAQ

Please email us any Canvas question you might have and we will add it to the Canvas FAQ.

Contact information

Shahla Alavi 308-865-8861

Don Ray 308-865-8268

Jane Petersen 308-865-8623

How to access Canvas


Where can I find Canvas Tutorials for Instructors?

Getting Started with Canvas as an Instructor.

Where can I find Canvas Tutorials for students?

Canvas Student Guide.

How Do I register for Canvas Instructional Sessions that are offered by ITS?

Go to to register for any of the Canvas instructional sessions. We will constantly add new sessions.  You can also contact Don Ray 308-865-8268 for a one to one session.

How do I invite a representative from ITS to our departmental meetings to present Canvas tutorials for our faculty?

We would be happy to present a short tutorial on Canvas in your departmental meeting. You can decide how frequently and the allocated time for these tutorials. Contact any one of us.

Shahla Alavi 308-865-8861

Don Ray 308-865-8268

Jane Petersen 308-865-8623

What is going to happen to our organizations in Blackboard when we move to Canvas?”

The good news is that you can move your organizations to Canvas.  Canvas treats organization just like a class.

Instructions to export a Blackboard course

Instructions to export your course from Blackboard.

Instructions to import an exported Blackboard course to Canvas

Instruction to import an export Blackboard course to Canvas

I am ready to start my courses in Canvas. Where do I begin?

  1. Get your Canvas sandbox course to get started.   Better yet, ask for two or three sandbox courses.  
    1. Contact Don Ray, Jane Petersen or Shahla Alavi and get your Canvas sandbox course now.
  2. Login in to Canvas at
    1. Use your EASI username and password.  Hint: Login exactly how you get into Blackboard
  3. Register for a Canvas Instructional Sessions or in your Canvas account go to Help > Search the Canvas Guides and tap the Instructor Guide which includes great tutorials.
  4. Have a question? In Canvas, start a chat by tapping on Help > Chat with Canvas Support (24/7/365).

Remember, we are here to help you with your move to Canvas.  Get started now and by the time winter break comes at the end of 2017, you will be all moved in and ready for teaching in Canvas in 2018!

End of Blackboard Checklist

Read the following document to learn about how to export your Blackboard courses, deal with large media files, and save your students grades.

End of Blackboard checklist instructions

How do I translate Blackboard vocabularies to Canvas?

Blackboard to Canvas Crosswalk