DataLink Tutorials

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Using DataLink

  1. Getting started with Faculty evaluations.
  2. Instructions to export DataLink file to Excel.
  3. Instruction to combine different scanning sessions.
  4. Getting Started PDF file, Find the following tutorials in the Getting Started PDF file.
    1. What You Need
    2. What You Do Not Need
    3. Getting To Know DataLink
    4. Launching DataLink
    5. DataLink’s Main Window
    6. Editing Data In DataLink’s Main Window
      1. Editing Results
      2. Changing the Correct response in the Test Key Record
      3. Removing Questions from a Test
      4. Editing Students Name
      5. Viewing Report in DataLink
      6. Saving Test
      7. Setting Test Properties
      8. Exporting Test Results to Gradebooks
      9. Configuring Gradebook Exports
      10. Where to go From Here
      11. Instructions to print reports.
      12. Print Options for Grade Report.
      13. Instructions to export grades from DataLink to Blackboard Grade Center.
      14. Instruction to export DataLink grades to Excel spreadsheet.
        1. Different type of exports available 
      15. Expanded report selection- Experience the different types of reports in DataLink.
        1. Item Analysis
        2. Class Roster
        3. Test Results
        4. Score Card
        5. Big Score Card
        6. Histogram
      16. Checking for updates, Automatic Update Check so you'll always have access to the latest version of DataLink.
      17. Contacting Support, Integrated support contact request - You can request support from within DataLink.