Frequently Asked Questions

What is DataLink?

DataLink™ is a free test scoring and data collection software application. DataLink™ allows you to turn your paper-based tests into electronic data and provides access to useful reports as well as provides the ability to export your data to Excel and Blackboard Grade Center.

How is DataLink licensed?

DataLink is free. You are free to use DataLink with your compatible DataLink file created after scanning the test with an Apperson scanner

What are the computer system requirements for downloading DataLink?

For Windows computers: Windows 2000 or newer.
For Macintosh computers: OSX 10.4 or newer.

Where can I get a copy of DataLink?

Download the full software version of DataLink™ for windows machine. 

Download the full software version of DataLink™ for Mac

What kind of reports are available?

DataLink™ provides instant reports. As soon as the last test is scanned you can click the reports icon to access different reports.
  1. Item Analysis
  2. Class Roster
  3. Test Results
  4. Score Card
  5. Big Score Card
  6. Histogram

Do I need to change the way I give tests to my students?

No, you continue giving your test to your students as you did before.

Can I export grades from DataLink to Blackboard Grade Center?

DataLink allows the scanned test scores to be exported into Grade Center in Blackboard. See the instructions.

Where and how do I obtain the forms for the new scanner?

Each department is responsible to provide test and faculty evaluation forms for their own faculty. Departments may obtain the test forms from Central Supply. The faculty evaluation forms are distributed by the deans office. The Scantron scanner forms are no longer used.

Does the Instructional Technology Group (ITG) offer any training for DataLink software?

Yes, the Instructional Technology Group continually offers different workshops for UNK employees and students to support and encourage technology confidence and expertise. View the list of ITG training workshops. If you do not see the workshop that you want, call Shahla 308-865-886.

How do I submit a test to be scanned?

a. Download and fill out the cover sheet.
b. Submit your coversheet, forms, and test’s key to Marilyn in Otto Olsen 115A