Disposal of UNK Equipment

Between the hours of 2PM to 3PM on the last Tuesday of each month, weather permitting, you can bring University owned equipment to the Staff Parking Lot East of the Otto Olsen building and place your items in the ITS's pickup. No dumping please. Equipment must be placed in the pickup during this time only. There should be someone at the truck during this time to assist you with getting it into the pickup.

Items that will be accepted for disposal include laptops, computer CPUs, computer monitors, keyboards, mice, digital projectors, laser jet and ink jet printers, VCRs/DVD players, and speakers. If there is an item that you would like disposed that is not on this list, please contact Nathan Moore at (308)865-8963 or at moorene@unk.edu.

We will not accept any equipment with a University Asset Tag attached to them. Please, fill out an Asset Transfer Disposal Form through Sapphire under “Business Forms” à “UNK” à “Finance Office”. In the REQUEST FOR DISPOSAL section put “Technology Disposal Day MM/DD/YY”. The tag should be removed, taped to the disposal form, and sent to the Finance Office. Please, do this BEFORE bringing it over to Otto Olsen. This form requires you to fill out some information about the item, which I will not be able to track down after the item has been disposed of. This is a picture of what the most common of these tags look like.

If you have any questions about filling out the asset disposal form please contact Ross Pierce piercerl@unk.edu in the Finance office at  or 308-865-8785. If you have any other questions please let us know.