Employment Policies and Opportunities

Reduction in Force

There are occasions when it is necessary to reduce the work force at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. This may occur because of budget consideration--either in a particular work unit or across the entire campus--or because changing conditions make it necessary to reorganize a work unit. Under a reduction-in-force, no person shall be removed for reasons unrelated to the reduction-in-force.

The department head or unit administrator must notify the Human Resources Office before implementing a reduction-in-force. Every reasonable effort should be made to give employees as much advance notice as possible. Except in cases of extraordinary circumstances because of financial exigencies, notice shall not be less than the following:

  • Office/Service employees - Notice of two weeks.
  • Managerial/Professional employees - Notice of ninety (90) days.

Regular employees separated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney under a reduction-in-force retain the right to appeal a separation decision through the grievance process. Such appeal will be limited to the procedural process.

Staff and reduction-in-force decisions should be made on the basis of factors which relate to the function of the department. In order to provide for the most efficient operation of the area(s) affected, the order of employees reduced-in-force will be based on the University of Nebraska at Kearney's programmatic needs.

Within a particular program or function, consideration shall be given to funding sources, types of appointments held, and quality and length of service. Within these guidelines, employees should normally be released in the following order:

1. Part-time Temporary
2. Full-time Temporary
3. Original Probationary
4. Regular