Employee Checkout Instructions

The office associate or employee (including GA's and adjuncts) must complete the Employee Checkout Form at least two weeks (if possible) before the employee's last working day. Access to university services such as WebSMART, My Blue, Firefly, SAP, Canvas or Email will be discontinued on the last working day unless otherwise noted. Retirees have the option of keeping their UNK ID Card and Outlook email account. 

Please have the benefit eligible employees contact Human Resources at 865-8522 to discuss benefits information.

This form will generate messages to Human Resources, Police and Parking Services, the Library, Information Technology Services, Business Services, Accounts Payable, the Finance Office, Hazardous Materials, Affirmative Action and Facilities. The office associate and supervisor will receive a copy of the form.

After the form has been submitted, the office associate should assist the employee in completing the required actions listed on the Employee Checkout handout (PDF).

If you have questions regarding this process, please call Human Resources at 865-8522.