Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity

Affirmative Action Commission

Commission Charge:
The Affirmative Action Commission exists as a vehicle to advise the Chancellor on Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity policies and practices. The Commission has two distinct charges. First, the Commission is charged with reviewing and supporting the development of institutional Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity policies, monitoring the hiring process and the Affirmative Action Plan, and identifying potential areas of concern in matters related to Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity. Second, the Commission is charged with supporting education and training programs relative to the institution's Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity policies and guidelines, monitoring Affirmative Action initiatives, and investigating individual grievances related to policies or actions which may be discriminatory. These two charges are designed to encourage and support diversity initiatives and to protect individuals and the university community collectively from the possible moral and legal repercussions of the violation of Equal Opportunity guidelines. These charges to the Commission also provide a means for ensuring due process if members of the university community experience discrimination.

Commission Membership:
Appointed by the Chancellor, the membership of the Affirmative Action Commission shall include faculty, administrators, support staff and students. The Commission shall consist of a minimum of eleven members who will represent the various divisions of the university. (See Affirmative Action Commission Membership) In order to respond to the changing needs of the University, the Chancellor may increase the membership on the Commission. Prior to making appointments to the Commission, the Chancellor will seek recommendations from the heads of the various university divisions in order to ensure that women and minorities are appropriately represented on the Commission. Faculty, administrative and staff representatives shall be appointed to serve a three-year term. One-third of the members appointed to three year terms shall rotate each year. The student representatives shall be appointed annually. Ex-officio members are the Director or Assistant Director of Human Resources, the Director of the Office of Multicultural and International Student Services, and the Director of Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity. The Affirmative Action Commission shall elect from its membership a chairperson, a vice chairperson, and a secretary who will serve for one year. The chairperson presides at meetings and retains the right to vote on all matters. The vice chairperson assists the chairperson and presides in the absence of the chairperson. The secretary shall be responsible for recording the minutes of meetings and distributing the minutes to committee members and the Chancellor. The Commission will meet monthly during the academic year and as necessary during the summer. The Commission may meet more often if it or the Chancellor determines that additional meetings are necessary.