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Scholarship Index Estimator

Here is how the merit scholarship index score is calculated:

  • Your ACT test score is divided by 36 (the maximum, composite ACT score a student can earn) to determine a percentile. For example: a student with a 28 composite ACT would have a percentile of 77.78. 28/36 = .7778 X 100 = 77.78.
  • Your class rank percentile is determined by the information on the high school transcript. For example a student ranked 5 in class of 45 would have a class rank percentile of 89.
  • The ACT score and the class rank are averaged and the result is your index score. In our example, 77.78 + 89= 166.67/2 = 83.39.
  • The scholarship index score then determines the type of scholarship award you will receive.

Enter the highest composite ACT score you have received to date:  

Enter your class rank. Example "5" out of 45 students in your class.  

Enter the total number of students in your graduating class:  


ACT percentile:  

Class rank percentile:  

Scholarship Index:  

Scholarship Index Levels

» Board of Regents Scholarships or Blue & Gold Scholarships - 87 to 100
» Chancellors Scholarship - 75.25 to 86.99
» Dean's Scholarship - 66.50 to 75.24

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