Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Facilities Management and Planning Department responsible for?

Facilities covers a broad range of services. Primarily, we are responsible for maintaining campus facilities through our Custodial, Grounds, Building Maintenance, and HVAC shops. We all provide non-maintenance services such as small remodeling/construction work on a charge-back basis. In addition, project managers provide planning services for new and renovated facilities as well as managing contractors on campus. FMP is also your point of contact for scheduling non-academic campus events and services, leasing and maintaining University vehicles, and surplus inventory.

How do I contact Facilities?

A contact list is provided by clicking here. Please feel free to contact any member of the Facilities personnel with your question or request. However, the fastest response to most requests will come by calling the Facilities Service Desk at extension 1800, 8am - 5pm Monday thru Friday. In the case of an emergency after hours, please call 308-627-6044.

How do I place a work order?

Work orders can be submitted by:

  • Online: via iServiceDesk
  • Phone: (308)865-1800
  • Email:

When will the air conditioner/heat be turned on?

For many buildings the conversion from heating to air conditioning or from air conditioning to heating is a major, one time only changeover for the entire season. Thus, if the weather reverts to the previous season's temperature after a changeover has been made, building occupants may experience some discomfort while the weather anomaly desists. This single changeover dictates that the Utilities personnel carefully monitor both the building interior temperatures and the outside temperatures, to determine when the changeover will be made.

Who do I contact for keys?

Individual Vice Chancellors, Deans, Directors, and Department Chairpersons, are responsible for determining who may have access and the specific category for access. Deans or Directors must authorize building master requests. To request access for areas the application can be found on the iService Desk webpage. Any additional questions can be directed to the Facilities Service Desk at 865-1800.

How do I reserve a University vehicle?

University motor pool vehicles can be reserved for university business, only. Reservations for cars, minivans, or vans can be made by contacting the Facilities Service Desk at 865-1800 or by email at Costs for using a vehicle can be found by clicking here. Additional documentation will be needed for first time user, please allow enough time for processing information.

What if I am not getting the help I need?

Although we strive to provide the fastest possible service human and financial resource limitations often mean that projects take longer then we would like. However, feel free to contact the Facilities Service Desk, the department managers, or director if you have a concern.

What items are recycled on campus?

UNK and the City of Kearney are considered single stream. No sorting required. Items that can be thrown in the blue recycling containers throughout campus include mixed paper, plastic, cardboard, bottles, glass, cans, magazines, tin trays. Recycling locations are located in all buildings on campus.

Additional items recycled through the Facilities department, include toner cartridge, scrap metal, oil and light bulbs.

What is the difference between an emergency and routine call?

Emergency calls are those that involve potential threat or damage to life or property (gas leak, fire alarms, water leaks, etc).

Routine calls are usually requests for services that can be scheduled (painting, light bulbs, floor care).