Events and Reservations

Events and Reservations Policies and Procedures

This policy provides guidance for the scheduling of University of Nebraska at Kearney facilities and grounds for non-academic events.

This policy does not cover reserving space for classroom and class lab activities. The Registrar's Office is responsible for academic scheduling. Questions concerning class schedules should be directed to the Office of Student Records & Registration at (308) 865-8527.

Reservation Request

Any individual or group requesting use of University facilities is required to complete a Facility Reservation Request form and provide proof of liability insurance, if required, at least six weeks in advance of their event. Specific details for audio-visual equipment, food service and room arrangements should be submitted at that time. Requests received less than two weeks in advance of the event do not allow enough time for coordination of support services, and therefore cannot be honored. The University reserves the right to substitute facilities and/or cancel arrangements at its discretion and to give preference to academic programs of the University. The University further reserves the right to review, specify and restrict any advertising, sales transactions or product distribution. A Facility Reservation Request must be filled out and approved by Facilities for sidewalk chalk advertising. The policy involving sidewalk chalk can be found here.

Click here for Facilities Reservation Request Forms.

Priorities of Use

The University of Nebraska at Kearney is pleased to make facilities available to responsible groups and organizations, whenever in the judgment of the University, such use will not interfere with the academic mission of the University or provide undue risk to personnel or property.

The University reserves the right to substitute facilities and/or cancel arrangements at its discretion and to give preference to academic programs of the University, recognized student organizations, and other events sponsored by the University.

Athletic Facilities Use

Requests for use of Athletic Facilities in Health and Sports, Cushing, and Foster Field are subject to the Athletics and Intramural event and practice schedules as well as the Facilities staff availability to set up the event, work the event and tear down of the event. Athletic and Intramural schedules will not be altered to accommodate non-Athletic and non-Intramural event requests unless approved by Athletics/Intramurals and Facilities. Requests requiring set up, Custodial, and tear down outside of the regular working hours of the Facilities staff will be considered on a case by case basis and will be dependent upon staff availability. If approved, the event will be charged $25 per hour, per person for all tasks associated with the event as well as a maintenance and materials fee. Availability of these areas is especially limited during the Academic year.

Reservations for Campus Buildings and Campus Grounds

Reservations for rooms/spaces in all campus buildings, except the Alumni House, Frank House and Residence Halls (see below) and green space/campus grounds are made through the Facilities Business Office, 865-8692 or 865-8469. Reservations for the Nebraskan Student Union can be made at 865-8392. You may call to see if the area you are looking to reserve is available, fill out the Facility Reservation form, and send (via fax, campus mail, or email) or deliver to the General Services Building, room 105 on the UNK campus. The Facility Reservation Request form with the signatures of the Contact Person and Student Organization Advisor should be given to the Facilities Business Office 3 WEEKS in advance of your event. All student group requests must be signed by the Office of Student Life as well as the Student Organization Advisor before the event can be scheduled. It is necessary to obtain approval,insurance and agree upon liability responsibilities. The Facilities Business Office will send you confirmation when your reservation is approved or disapproved within three weeks of application. Once approved and scheduled, notification will be sent to the Building Supervisor, UNK Police and Parking Services, and Custodial Services.

Cancellation of your event, or requests to change dates or locations, must be communicated to the Facilities Business Office at least two weeks in advance if possible. Failure to communicate cancellation of plans could result in overtime charges or other fees.

Liability and Risk Management

University departments and recognized organizations sponsoring an on-campus student organization event, dance or concert shall be held liable for damages. The presiding officer and the advisor of a student organization sponsoring an on-campus event, dance and/or concert are required to be in attendance during the entire time of the event, and are financially responsible for any damage to, or theft of University property. Alcohol and/or drug use is strictly prohibited. If evidence of alcohol or drug use is linked to the event, the organization will not be permitted to schedule future events. On-campus events will conclude by 11:00 pm, and may be asked to conclude earlier should noise violate City of Kearney code or campus Residence Hall quiet hours, or if there are general complaints from the campus community or surrounding city neighborhoods. The sponsoring organization will pay for any damage and additional charges that occur whether or not a member of the department or organization caused the damage. Student activities are subject to University guidelines, supervision and conduct.

Requests involving the use of personal tents will be reviewed by the Facilities office, UNK Risk Management and UNK Police and Parking Services. In general, no requests to erect staked, overnight-use, “camping” tents will be approved. Pop-up, non-staked type tents may be approved depending upon location and use of the tent.

Requests involving activities that pose a risk to the safety and wellness of those on campus or the campus landscaping and buildings, such as flying debris or hazardous materials, including but not limited to “car bash” events, will not be allowed.

Requests involving youth activities on campus must adhere to the Youth Activity Safety Policy.

Liability for Damage and Insurance

By reserving the facility(ies), the group shall enter into an agreement to hold the University of Nebraska at Kearney, the University of Nebraska Board of Regents, and any agents, representatives, or employees of any of these bodies, free of any liability incurred in connection with use of the facility(ies). By reserving a facility, the group shall also bind itself to indemnify the University of Nebraska at Kearney for any property damages other than normal wear. All non-university groups (groups which are not directly funded and governed by the university) must provide a certificate of liability insurance naming the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska as “an additional named insured” in the coverage amount of $1,000,000 minimum, for the duration of the event. A certificate of insurance is required whether or not a rental fee is assessed. In its sole discretion, the University may waive any or all certificate of insurance requirements.

ADA Accommodations

Individuals needing accommodation under ADA should notify the Facilities Service Desk (308) 865-1800, or ADA Coordinator at UNK (308) 865-8655 prior to the event.

Facility Use Fees

Fees will be assessed to all groups whose primary purpose is anything other than serving the constituency of the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Fees may be negotiated, if in the judgment of the University, the program or event will benefit the mission of the University. Facility Use Fees apply only to the reserving of space. They do not include support services or catering.

Criteria for Waiving Facility Use Fees

The organization must be part of the University of Nebraska system (direct involvement by University of Nebraska faculty, students or staff), or non-profit, or a government agency; and the event must be educational and consistent with the University of Nebraska at Kearney mission; and the event must bring potential students to the University of Nebraska at Kearney campus; or the event must otherwise be beneficial to the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Exceptions may be made by the Facilities Business Manager with approval from the Director of Facilities Management and Planning.

Support Services Fees

All non-UNK related events are subject to service fees for University staff and equipment that provides support for the event. UNK related events may also be subject to support services fees if the event is requested to be scheduled during hours in which support services staff would accumulate overtime pay.

The University will determine the type and level of support required for an event based upon the information provided by the requestor. The decision of the University is final.

In general, only University personnel may be utilized for support of the event as it relates to the facilities, parking, public safety, food service, and other areas directly related to the campus.

Other Fees

Other fees may be levied as required for a particular event.

Approved Applications

An event will be deemed approved upon the completion of a signed agreement by the Facilities Business Manager or designee, outlining all requested services and facilities for a specific event, and upon the signature of the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance as required. Proof of liability insurance must be made prior to final approval of the facility use agreement.


For particularly large and/or complex events, a separate contract may be written to outline the specific duties and responsibilities of each party. All contracts are to be reviewed by the Facilities Business Manager. Only the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance and his/her designee(s) may sign contracts.


Payment is required within 60 days of invoice date. A 10% late charge may be applied to accounts not paid within 60 days, with an additional 5% assessed every 30 days thereafter. At the University’s discretion, payment may be required in advance. The University reserves the right to deny reservation requests of vendors with a history of late payments to the University.

Security and Building Access

The University reserves the right to restrict or refuse activities that may be deemed a risk to the health and/or safety of participants or the mission of the University.

The University reserves the right to require the presence of UNK Police Officers at any event. The cost of security may be charged in addition to facility use fees and will be negotiated with the user prior to approval of the use agreement.

All campus buildings are secured after normal working hours and access to them will be controlled by university personnel. Academic and Administrative buildings will not be used for overnight camping or sleeping. Overnight guests to the UNK campus may check with the Office of Residence Life at 865-8519 for available space in the Residence Halls. Events requiring overnight stays shall be structured as a “camp” through the sponsoring UNK department and may be subject to camp or guest housing fees. Guest room space is limited during the academic year and may not be available during that time. Requests for events that take place overnight involving UNK students will be considered on a case by case basis.

UNK Police Officers are on duty 24 hours a day to respond to calls for assistance and may be reached at 308-627-4811. If a room or building for a scheduled event is not unlocked, please call 308-627-4811.


Click here for the current campus parking map:

Individuals visiting the UNK campus between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. weekdays must obtain a visitor parking permit from the Chancellor's office in Founders Hall or UNK Parking Services in the General Services Building.

Reserved parking, for large events taking place weekdays between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., is subject to approval and availability, and an additional fee will apply (please see the UNK Police and Parking Services Special Event Parking Policy). Parking fees for reserved parking will be negotiated with the user prior to approval of the use agreement.

Temporary parking permits will be required for small events taking place weekdays between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. They may be obtained from the office of Facilities Management and Planning or requested and obtained from UNK Parking Services in the General Services building.

Basic Rental Fees

Please contact for general pricing and rental fees or for events pricing and rental fees for Nebraskan Student Union space.

Inclement Weather

The Facilities Business Office will make every effort to assist in finding an alternate date in the event of inclement weather. However, alternate dates will not be scheduled in advance of the event. If inclement weather is a possibility, the sponsoring group must determine 24 hours prior to the event if a change of venue or cancellation is necessary, and contact the Facilities Business Office accordingly. Furthermore, the Facilities Business Office reserves the right to determine if weather is bad enough to warrant a change of venue or cancellation.

Use of University Equipment

The use of university equipment off campus is restricted to professional use only, and is not to be used for events that are personal in nature. Written permission must be obtained from the University official responsible for the property. Please contact the Facilities Business Manager to obtain permission to use tables, chairs, staging and other event equipment off campus. Policies regarding University property may be viewed here.

Sales, Raffles, & Special Activities at Athletic Events

Requests involving sales, raffles, and other special activities at UNK Athletic events, will require a facility reservation form to be completed and provided to the UNK Athletic office as well as a cover letter briefly describing the event, sponsoring organization or party, contact information, etc. A good example is to include the information you have provided on the Facility Reservation Request form and summarize the reason for the event, i.e., charity,organization fundraiser, etc. UNK Athletics will determine if your event will complement the athletic event you want to coordinate with. Athletics will then sign the Facility Reservation Form as building supervisor and forward to the Facilities Business Office. For more information please contact the Athletics office in the Health & Sports Center (308)-865-8184 .

Food Service including Sales, Raffles and Special Activities

Coordinated with the Director of Chartwells Food Service, Nebraskan Student Union, 865-8428.

Chartwells is the contracted caterer for the UNK campus. Chartwells will provide all food and beverage service requests. Under special circumstances, permission may be granted to bring in food from other sources. Contact Jon Watts at Business Services the Director at Chartwells to obtain written permission to use a food vendor other than Chartwells for your event.

Catering is defined as: Serving such special parties as banquets,teas, receptions, faculty and/or student group affairs, or snacks for meetings, and including any other special services requested by the University in serving the campus community.

Special Event Catering: Chartwells has agreed to provide food service at special functions including but not limited to teas, social functions, receptions, luncheons and/or dinners held at the University. Hours of service,menu and prices are to be negotiated between the sponsoring group and Chartwells, subject to the approval of the Director of Business Services. All function rooms will be scheduled through the room scheduling process,and food service requests will be coordinated through the Director of Food Services.The University shall control the space commitment and scheduling of authorized institution- catered events. Chartwells shall consult on and coordinate the menu, details of services required,and advise on effective program arrangements required with the individual, department, or group requesting catering service.


Any UNK group or organization wishing to hold a fundraising/donation event on behalf of a charity, or for that organization’s own use, can do so provided they make clear that the event is not a UNK sponsored event. No wording that the University of Nebraska at Kearney or UNK is sponsoring the event is allowed on signs, flyers, or any other marketing tools used by the organization. The sponsoring organization will be responsible for selling tickets, collecting and remitting sales tax on the ticket sales to the Nebraska Department of Revenue, paying vendors and related 1099 reporting, and reporting the revenue on their 990 tax return using their own tax ID number and NOT the University’s tax ID number. It must also be clear to donors that any donations are made to the sponsoring organization or charity, NOT to the University.

Alumni House

Reservations are coordinated through the Staff Secretary or the Assistant Director of the Alumni Association, 865-8474. An additional charge for extra tables and chairs may apply for non-UNK events.

Frank House

Reservations are coordinated through the Director and Curator of the Frank House or their designee, 865-8284. An additional charge for extra tables and chairs may apply for non-UNK events.

Residence Halls

To reserve guest housing, or other conference/recreation space within the Residence Halls (including University View at Nester), contact the Office of Residence Life, 865-8519.

Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA)

For reservations please call 865-8559.

Satellite Downlink

Contact the Department of Distance Education, Communications Center, 865-8927.