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ADA Committee

ADA Commitee/Contacts

The University of Nebraska at Kearney's Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Committee exists as a vehicle to advise the Chancellor on ADA policies and practices. The Committee has two distinct charges. First, the Committee is charged with reviewing and supporting the development of institutional policy and identifying potential areas of concern in matters related to disability issues. Second, the Committee is charged with serving as a review panel for accommodation plans upon the request of the ADA Coordinator. These charges are designed to encourage and support disability initiatives and to protect individuals and the university community collectively from the possible moral and legal repercussions of the violation of ADA/504 guidelines.

Any member of the ADA Committee may be contacted about ADA procedures and policies at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Specific committee members are responsible for initiating the accommodation procedures and are identified (*) below:


  • Director of Human Resources, FNDH 1200, (308) 865-8388 

Employment Representative 

  • Director of Human Resources, FNDH 1200 , (308) 865-8388 

Students with Special Needs Coordinator 

  • David Brandt, Assistant Director, Learning Strategies, MSAB 175,, (308) 865-8798 
  • David Luker, Director Academic Success, MSAB 172,, (308) 865-8988

Facilities Representative 

  • Lee McQueen, Director of Facilities, General Services Building, , (308) 865-1700 

Faculty Representative 

  • Joe Springer, Professor, Biology, BHS 323,, (308) 865-8920 
  • Jan Moore, Associate Professor, Communication Disorders, COE B142,, (308) 865-8301 

Staff Representatives 

  • LeeAnn Amm, Admissions, MSAB 111,, (308) 865-8526 
  • Wilma Heinowski, Parking Services, General Services Building,, (308) 865-8367 
  • Tony Earls, Residential Life Director, CONH Lower Level,, (308) 865-8519 
  • Rich Brodersen, Athletics, HSC 118,, (308) 865-8069 
  • Jane Petersen, Information Technology Services, OTOL 115, , (308) 865-8623