Dual Career Program

How It Works

Who is it for?
Any UNK employee's spouse/relocating partner who has lived in the area for less than two years.

What can you expect?

  • The initial contact may be made by the hiring department, the job candidate, the employee, or the relocating partner.
  • The relocating partner is contacted and asked to provide a resume/vitae draft. The Dual Career Program Director provides program guidelines and materials. In addition, the accompanying partner will be asked about their career aspirations.
  • The resume is critiqued and suggestions provided based on area business needs. If recommendations for changes are made, the relocating partner revises their resume/vitae accordingly and sends a copy to the Director of the Dual Career Program.
  • After the resume/vitae is updated, suggestions will be provided regarding possible job vacancies and/or networking opportunities in the community.
  • As the relocating partner continues their job search, support will be provided and tailored to the individual's needs. Additional services may include cover letter assistance, mock interviews, local companies research, and other job search strategies.

Though the Dual Career Program does not guarantee employment, relocating partners are encouraged to take full advantage of the services the program offers.

E-mail Deb Huryta, Director, at hurytad@unk.edu.