Health Care

Medical Emergencies

When the UNK Health Care Clinic is closed and you become ill or injure yourself, if you live in the residence halls you should notify your Resident Assistant (RA) or your Residence Hall Director (RHD). Whether you live on-campus or off-campus, if possible, wait until UNK Health Care opens again to be seen.

If you become ill and urgently need medical consultation after hours, you may call the Medical Doctor on call for Kearney Clinic at 308-865-2141. Leave your name and telephone number with the answering service and your call will be returned. Also, an Emergency Department Registered Nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital may be consulted by calling 308-865-7100 and asking for the Emergency Department.

In the event of a health emergency you should be transported to the emergency department of Good Samaritan Hospital for treatment. If moving is inadvisable or if a life-threatening situation exists the Good Samaritan Emergency Medical Service unit can be summoned by calling 911. You can summon the UNK Police by calling 308-865-8517 or after 5:00 p.m., weekends and holidays call 308-627-4811 or 308-237-2104.

You are responsible for paying for all charges for emergency care.