Health Care

Insurance Information

Student Health Insurance

All students who attend UNK are expected to have health insurance coverage. A reasonably priced health insurance plan is available for students who are enrolled in 7 or more class hours, and students carrying less than 7 hours who have opted to pay the health fee. For information, go on-line: or contact UNK Health Care at 308-865-8218.

International students are required to have health insurance and will be billed for the cost of the UNK insurance plan. If you are an international student and you already have insurance coverage that meets federal guidelines you may apply for a waiver from the International Education office. You must bring an English translation of your policy and documentation to prove current coverage when applying for the waiver. You must apply for the waiver as early as possible before the semester begins and submit the waiver to the Finance Office before the end of the second week of classes for that semester. Please contact the International Education office at 865-8246 for information about waivers.

Charges from UNK Health Care are your responsibility to pay. If you wish to submit those charges to your insurance carrier you may send the invoice given to you by the nurse with your insurer's claim form. UNK Health Care may NOT be a PPO Provider with your insurance company.

Kearney Clinic, Good Samaritan Hospital and other local clinics will request your insurance information when you receive their services. Depending on the type of insurance you carry, their billing office can submit your insurance claim if you provide them with the requested information. If you are insured under a parent's or guardian's policy, please request an extra insurance card from your insurer to bring to college with you.