What's in My file?

PLEASE NOTE:  This form is ONLY for those individuals who already have a COMPLETE file with our office.  If you recently just established your file and want to know the contents please call or email our office.

Fill out "What's in my File" Survey?  (this is information currently on file).

Once the Academic Advising and Career Development office receives the survey, we will supply you with the following information:

  • Last date Educational Data Sheet was submitted
  • Last date UNK Transcript was submitted
  • Information about any other transcript(s) on file
  • List of references currently on file
  • As well as information about any optional documents you may have included

This information will allow you to make a partial or complete update to your credential file. Once you decide what you want to update, use any of the following links to create updated forms. Then submit using one of the Form Submission Methods.

Education Credential Data Sheet

Reference – References can type their letter and email it to AACD or they can print it and mail it to AACD. You have to have a minimum of three references for your credential file to be sent and you may have a maximum of six references.

**Reference letters for closed files must come DIRECTLY from the referrer to the AACD office.

UNK Transcript Link

Reference Removal Request Form – Use this form to officially remove any outdated references.

Form Submission Methods:

Method Contact Information
By Mail Academic Advising and Career Development
MSAB #150
Kearney NE 68845
By Email careerserv@unk.edu

MSAB #150