Introduction to LoperMail

LoperMail (EASI) is the official email account of the University. You may have already set up your LoperMail, if so do not concern yourself with the "set up" information included here.

If you have not yet setup your LoperMail, within 24 hours of the next business day following the completion of this orientation you will receive an email notification regarding your LoperMail. This email will include username and password information necessary for login.

  • UNK students are required to use UNK’s email system. All University related correspondence will be sent to your UNK email address.
  • Canvas can only send emails to LoperMail email addresses.
  • This is the only place your student bill will be delivered.
  • For detailed instructions on setting up your Office 365 LoperMail Account, click here.

If you do not know your username and password to your LoperMail (EASI) account, contact the UNK Help Desk at 308-865-8363 or email unkhelpdesk@unk.edu. You can also find your username and password under the Profile tab in your MyBlue account.