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Anytime Academic & Career Services receives a job opening, we post it to loperCAREERS. Students can create a profile so employers can view their resume. Please click here to register for loperCAREERS.  You will be notified in approximately 48 hours with your user name and password and instructions to complete your account.

Click here if you are already registered.

Register here for loperCAREERSWhat is loperCAREERS and who should register?

loperCAREERS (pdf information flyer)Graduating seniors as well as Students seeking an Internship.What is included in my registration?
  1. Campus Interviewing
  2. Resume Referral
  3. Employer Access to Candidate Resumes
  4. Web Access to Job Postings
  5. Link to Job Choices Resources Guide

Employment Links

Networking Sites – social network for professionals that also has a thorough job listing – join company networks based on your interests & connect w/ people doing the hiring – network with employers who are offering jobs, while you’re searching – unifies all your contact info in a simple address book (associated w/ a job search site) – ‘search me’ button for Google, delivering the search results you want people to see – employers post contests & candidates respond to compete for employer attention – use a career assessment to see how well you fit with different jobs 

Job Search Links

Job Site Reviews– site that reviews and ranks job search websites – site connecting college students and employers across Nebraska – finds job listings from other major job sites, company sites and associations – search for entry level jobs and internships – niche site, find a career in a certain field or in a certain part of the country – one of the biggest online job sites – job site focused on Central Nebraska – a leader in career development resources – the #1 employment site for the food and beverage manufacturing industry – a leading job board for internships and entry level positions – ideal if you’re looking for corporate job listings - find job applications for every major U.S. company – claims to be the world’s first Internet recruitment service - entry level jobs that are posted on LinkedIn – finds jobs from a database of 22,000 company websites – every day the site looks at one employer and their entry level jobs – niche site that owns several smaller niche sites – list of career resources by industry – finds job listings from major sites and company sites, free resume listing - search for jobs based on key words and location – enter your qualifications and the site searches for compatible jobs – access to jobs that match your profile – the official job site for the U.S. government – non-profit whose mission is to connect individuals in the military, veterans, and their families with federal, state, and local government programs as well as non-profit organizations in their local communities – an inside look at jobs and companies – posted anonymously by employees

Links to prepare for your job search – extensive database of occupational information - detailed occupational information from the US Department of Labor - has grouped careers into 'families' to help you narrow your search - provides detailed information about careers within each family – tools to help jobs seekers, students, businesses and career professionals – video career development modules