Career Connections Participation Options

Informational Interviewing

Participating in informational interviews is a great way to help UNK students without having to be at UNK. An interview can be done via phone, email, Skype, or in person. Our hope for these interviews is that students will be able to gain ‘real-world’ knowledge on careers of interest, as well as have an opportunity to ask a professional about his/her background and experience.

Job Shadowing

By allowing a student the opportunity to spend time with you on the job, you give him/her a view of the daily responsibilities of someone in your field. It creates a picture of how the knowledge students gain in the classroom applies to the work they could do after graduation.

On Campus Career Professional Development Workshops

Workshop participation could include serving on employer panels, presenting as a guest lecturer for UNK classes or other professional development opportunities on campus. These events prepare students for their transition into the workforce while also providing employers contact with some of UNK’s best and brightest.

Networking Events

Networking events help students take the next step in their professional development by making them more comfortable interacting with people in a professional setting. An example of this type of event would be the pre-career fair networking reception that takes place annually on the evening before the Spring Career Fair.

Company Tours/Presentations for groups of students

Company tours are a great way to introduce students to a professional work environment and present to them about the positive aspects of working for your organization. Employers are able to interact with the students in a way that could be beneficial to both the student and the employer.

Ongoing Career Mentoring

This option could entail a number of things: informational interviewing, critiquing the students resume, providing advice on conducting a job search, etc. We would work with you to develop a monthly communication plan that could include emails, phone calls, Skype or in-person meetings.

Ongoing Field Experience

Participating in an ongoing field experience is similar to job shadowing, but on a consistent basis over an extended period of time. For example, rather than simply shadowing you for one afternoon, a student could shadow you for two hours per week over the course of a couple months. Over time, the student might be able to contribute, as opposed to just observing. Although this would be more of a commitment than a one-time job shadowing experience, it would not be as much of a commitment as an internship.