Career Connections Program

As you know, a college degree does not guarantee a good job. In this day and age, all businesses and organizations are seeking employees who not only have classroom experience, but also have insight into their own strengths and abilities, as well as the professional competencies required to succeed in the workplace.

To assist our students at the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK), the office of Academic Advising and Career Development is excited to launch the Career Connections networking program. We’re looking for people interested in supporting current students in their professional development, and believe you could offer valuable insight and assistance to students as they explore majors and careers, and identify and cultivate their career interests.

For example, a student with an interest in Economics may reach out to a Career Connections partner who works in the field for an “informational interview.” By asking the partner a few questions about his/her career, the day-to-day activities, the education and training required, and other questions, the student will learn more about the job in relation to his/her career goals.

Other opportunities may include the following:

  1. Offering job shadowing opportunities,
  2. Providing organization/company tours for small groups of students,
  3. Serving on employer panels or as a guest lecturer for UNK classes,
  4. Assisting with pre-career fair activities, such as Networking receptions, resume reviews, and practice interviews, or
  5. Participating in an ongoing field experience.

Your participation is vital to this effort, as we want to give students as much assistance as they need to choose the career path that matches their interests and personality. As a partner, participation can be on an individual level or you can serve as the primary contact for an entire organization/company, where you would help us connect students to various departments within the organization. To volunteer as a partner in the Career Connections networking program, call or email Aaron Estes, Associate Director, Academic Advising and Career Development.

Thank you for your consideration. We believe that our current students will benefit greatly from increased interaction with professionals like you

* Please note that agreeing to become a Career Connections partner does not guarantee that you will be contacted about networking opportunities with students, we will contact partners based on student interest. We will also track who is contacted and make an effort to avoid overburdening certain partners.

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