Advising FAQ

These are some commonly asked questions in the office of Academic & Career Services that can now be answered without having to make an appointment.

If you have any other questions, feel free to stop by our office in the Student Affairs Building, Room 150, give us a call at 308-865-8501 or email us at

How do I change my major or minor?

To officially change your major and/or minor, please complete the Major/Minor Change Form. You will be asked to complete a short form and submit it to the Registrars Office.  If necessary you will be re-assigned a new advisor.  Contact the Advising & Career Services by telephone at 865-8501 or email at if you have questions.

How do I change my advisor?

You may change your Academic Advisor at any time. Come to the Academic & Career Services in the Student Affairs Building, Room 150.  We will be happy to assist in changing your Advisor.

What if I would like to have more than one advisor?

Students may have up to two Academic Advisors who have access to student records. To add an advisor, come to the Academic & Career Services in the Student Affairs Building, Room 150. Of course, students may visit with any faculty or staff member at any time about their academic progress and program. However, only official advisors are able to lift advising flags or have access to a student's academic records in the My Blue computer system.

I have transferred from a different college or university. How do I know which courses were accepted by UNK?

You need to check with the Registrar's Office. They make the official determination concerning what courses transfer and also determine the equivalent UNK courses. Classes that might apply to your major are evaluated by the Chair of your academic department, and he/she coordinates with the Registrar's Office to make sure transfer credit is applied appropriately.

I want to take classes at a different college or university during the summer. How do I know what courses will transfer back to UNK?

The Registrar's Office makes the official determination of what courses will transfer from other institutions to meet UNK requirements. UNK has entered into agreements with many of the community colleges and with other members of the University of Nebraska system concerning the transferability of individual courses. If you are planning to attend an institution outside of Nebraska or an institution that does not have a transfer agreement with UNK, you should be prepared to show the Registrar's Office course descriptions and other documentation so that they can establish transferability. If you are planning to take classes that are required for your major or minor; you need to talk to the Chair of your academic department to be sure the classes will apply to your major.

How do I plan my semester schedule?

Use a tentative schedule. It will help you coordinate your times and days for your classes.

When do I need to see my academic advisor?

Students are required to see their academic advisor before they can register for classes. Everyone should see their advisor periodically to ensure that they are making progress toward completion of their degree program. Other times you should visit with your Academic Advisor include:
  • When you are having difficulty with a class
  • When you have questions about services or programs available at UNK
  • When you are thinking about changing your major or minor
  • When you have questions about career or graduate school options

I need to withdraw from classes, but the deadline for withdrawal has passed. Is there anything I can do?

Under normal circumstances, you are expected to make the decision to withdraw from a class, or from the University, prior to the ninth week of the semester. However, in some cases you may experience a problem in your life that does not make this possible. Under extraordinary circumstances, you may request that the University grant you an exceptional withdrawal. In order to do this, you need to go to the Registrar's Office in Warner Hall and complete an exceptional withdrawal request form. A committee will review your request and make a determination about whether to grant an exceptional withdrawal. You should include any documentation that you have justifying the request with the application so that the committee can make an informed decision.

I am unsure about what I want to do with my life. Is there anyone who can help me?

There are a number of resources available at UNK to help you in planning goals for your life, both at UNK and after your graduation. Our office has excellent resources to assist you in determining your career interests and goals. We can also help you with academic planning or to direct you to other resources that are available at UNK. Remember, when you are experiencing uncertainty or problems, there are many resources available to help you. You are not expected to deal with everything by yourself. The Counseling Center can help you work through personal problems that you may be having or help you with decision making. The services of the Counseling Center are completely confidential. Student Health is available to assist you with problems and questions that you may be experiencing regarding your health or physical and mental well being. The resources on campus will help you with the decision making or problem solving process so that you can be successful at UNK and beyond.