UNK Summer Abroad - Spain

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During this six-week summer program in Valladolid, Spain, students will attend the Universitas Castellae. This program is similar to the UNK Semester Abroad Programs, but designed for the summer.

Summer 2018 - Brandon Rojas

Language Prerequisite: Must have successfully completed one year of Spanish at UNK or the equivalent.

UNK Courses:

  • SPAN 275/375/or 475 - 3 credit hours
  • SPAN 276/376/ or 476 - 3 credit hours
  • Tuition for the two courses (six credit hours), to be selected from:

    • Spanish Language and Composition (two levels)
    • Spanish Literature
    • History of Spain
    • Conversation (two levels)
    • Spanish Culture

*If the above credits have already been earned, alternate upper lever SPAN credit may be assigned.


Beginning of July - mid-August

Program Cost:

The Summer 2018 cost estimate for the program is $3,984.50* for UNK students, which includes a pre-departure orientation, 6 hours tuition of UNK undergraduate resident tuition + fees, airport-pick up, lodging with a host family (two students per family), 3 meals a day provided by the homestay family, study abroad health insurance, and tour guide / transportation / lodging / admittance tickets for program related field trips to:

  • Salmanca
  • Segovia
Valladolid, Spain

Summer 2018 (approx.)

Tuition (6 UNK credits + fees) 1,498.00
Program Costs** 2,486.50
TOTAL 3,984.50

*Based on an estimate of 6 UNK undergraduate credit hours earned off-campus during the Summer 2018 semester at the Nebraska resident tuition rate. This amount will vary if you are a non-resident UNK student, if you decide to take more than 6 credits or an online courses while abroad.

Application Deadline

  • Security Deposit and online application are due before Spring Break.
  • Registration for SPAN 275/375/or 475 and SPAN 276/376/or 476 must be made through MyBLUE by the first Friday of May.

Application Contents:

    • On-line Application
    • First Payment/Security Deposit ($400)
    • Application Fee ($250)


Please visit www.unk.edu/studyabroad, to schedule an advising appointment and/or begin an application.

"What I Wish I Would've Known" - Advice from UNK Study Abroad Alumni who have participated in the Spain Summer Abroad Program