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For about the same cost as studying/living on campus, you can join a group of UNK Students for a semester abroad in China. Students will earn 12 UNK credit hours at Hebei Normal University (HNU) located in Shijiazhuang, China and will take several organized field trips throughout China (see photos below).

Shijiazhuang, it is a large, rapidly growing, and modern Chinese city. There are high-rise shopping malls, movie theatres, concert halls, techno clubs and karaoke bars, all existing intertwined with ancient temples, maze-like bazaars, open air markets and dozens of botanical parks. You will be immersed in a uniquely Chinese environment that comes with a large provincial capitol that has a dazzling mix of the modern and the traditional, but is wholly Chinese.

Language prerequisite: None

Application Deadline: Acceptance on a rolling basis. Deposit of $500 is due upon application (refundable if not accepted )

UNK Courses: (starting Fall 2014)

  • INTS 445 International Studies Field Study - 3 credit hours (required) - taught by Program Director
    See China 'Field Experience'*** explanation below
  • ENGL 253GS Introduction to Literature: Non-Western Civilization - 3 credit hours (CD credit) - taught in English by an HNU Professor
  • HIST 212GS Non-Western World History - 3 credit hours - taught in English by an HNU Professor
  • FORL 110 Introduction to Chinese Language - 3 credit hours(required)
    - first or third semester Chinese
    - taught by an HNU Professor
  • UNK Online Course (your choice) - 3 credit hours
    - Online courses can be substituted for ENGL 253GS and HIST 212GS if proven necessary.

Program Dates: August - December

UNK vs. Study Abroad
Cost Comparison

UNK - Home Campus

Fall 2013 Cost

Tuition (12 UNK credits + fees)


Double Room + All-Access

Meal Plan plus 200 pts.




UNK - China

Fall 2013 Cost

Tuition (12 UNK credits + fees)*


Program Costs**


You Pay to UNK:


Estimated Airfare (Purchased by student)


Estimated Meals (Purchased by student)




(If you can find a cheaper airfare via student discount travel agencies on the Internet, your semester in China could actually be less expensive than a semester at UNK!)

* - Based on 12 UNK undergraduate credit hours earned on-campus in Fall 2013 at the Nebraska resident tuition rate. This amount will vary if you are a non-resident UNK student, or if you decide to take more than 12 credits or on-line courses while abroad.

** - Program cost covers: housing, excursions, insurance, visa application fee. Students are responsible for: passport fees, purchase or rental of cell phones or SIM cards, textbooks, electrical converters for appliances (such as hair dryers and curling irons).

*** - The China 'Field Experience’ will consist of two parts:

  1. Study Tours (traveling to visit several fascinating cultural and historical sites in China)
  2. Cultural Exchange (mentoring in local Chinese High Schools)
    Complete participation in the 'Field Experience' is mandatory for the INTS 445 grade.

    Participants will be required to:

    1. Keep a journal during the semester that document thoughts about what you have experienced and learned.
    2. Participate in a Cultural Exchange with one of UNK’s partner high schools near HNU. This typically involves visiting a partner high school for at least three hours on two afternoons each week to observe how Chinese students learn, participate in English conversation tables and knowledge sharing.
      *Optional - students who desire a greater degree of cultural interaction with Chinese institutions or society, may sign-up for:
      1. INTS 470 - A custom high school Culture Exchange program that has more hours per week and involves interacting with high school students in your major, minor, or area of interest (music, science, sports, etc.)
      2. A Business internship near the HNU campus through the UNK Internship Office.
    3. Submit to the Program Director a:
      1. 5-page mid-term report on how your study tours and Cultural Exchange experiences have contributed to your learning goals.
      2. 10-page report at the end of the Semester on the same topic.
    4. Share the knowledge that you gained through your Field Experience with the UNK community after you return (by sharing your final report or making a presentation).
      "What I Wish I Would've Known" - Advice from UNK Study Abroad Alumni who have participated in the China Semester Abroad Program