Semester Abroad - Application Instructions

Priority Application Deadline: Mid-February

Criteria for Selection

  1. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 is required, unless there are special circumstances. Students may be accepted on a conditional basis pending GPA adjustment after current term grades have been entered.
  2. Letters of recommendation (see Recommendation Forms, below).
  3. Preference is given in order of predicted class level during the study abroad semester:
    1st - Senior
    2nd - Junior
    3rd - Sophomore
    4th- Freshman
  4. A waiting list will be created after the program has reached capacity. If someone cancels, their place will be assigned to the next person on the list, according to the alternate rankings assigned by the Program Director.
  5. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  6. A disciplinary violation could affect acceptance to a study abroad program.
  1. The Application Interview
    An interview will be conducted by the program leader upon submission of application documents to the Study Abroad Office. Please keep in mind that these are academic programs when preparing for the study abroad interview. You should be able to concisely communicate your goals for learning, desire to study in given location, and reason you feel study abroad will assist you in reaching your learning objectives. If you are on academic probation or have student conduct code violations, these issues should also be addressed at the interview.
  2. Notification of Acceptance.
    The official letter of acceptance will be mailed to your Current Address as specified on the Study Abroad Application Form. This letter will contain instructions on matters such as passport and visa application deadlines, pre-trip orientation meetings, and departure information.
  3. After Acceptance, all student participants must:
    • Provide 4 colored passport photos.
      These will be used by the Study Abroad office to help locate you in case of emergencies and for other purposes such as visa applications. If additional photos are needed, you will be notified.
    • Apply for a US passport and visa.
      (Instructions) - Information on how to apply for visas will be provided of the Study Abroad Office.
    • Attend all Pre-departure Orientation sessions.

    These sessions are organized by the Program Director and failure to attend may result in removal from the program.

  4. Withdrawal and Refund Policy
    Students who decide to withdraw from a UNK Semester Abroad program will be charged for all program expenses that are ‘not recoverable’. For example, after the program contracts to pay for certain services such as bus rentals, excursions, or accommodations, we may not be able to obtain a reduction in the price of a service due to student withdrawals.
    The refund of UNK tuition and tuition-related fees is subject to the same rules as those for courses offered on the home campus.
  5. To apply, please follow one of these two options:
    • To apply now:
      • Log on to your student blackboard account
      • Click on the "Community" tab
      • Under "Organizational Search", key in "UNK Semester Abroad" and click "Go"
      • Next to the search result click "Enroll"
      • Follow on-screen instructions

Questions or Concerns?
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