Rostock University

Rockstock University
Traditio et Innovatio is a long standing motto of the University of Rostock. Founded in 1419, it is the first university in the Baltic Sea region and one of the oldest German universities in general. With approximately 15,000 students, and 800 international students from 84 different countries the University is a defining feature which helps to make Rostock an important center in northeastern Germany. The University of Rostock boasts nine faculties with numerous departments and institutes. Students can choose from approximately 50 areas of study, which can be complimented by an array of post-graduate courses of study. Rostock offers a diverse art and cultural scene. Its many theatre venues host a wide array of interesting stage productions, there are exciting music offerings in several clubs and the Rostock Art Gallery regularly presents original and worthwhile exhibitions. Students of the Rostock College of Music and Theater, various choral ensembles, and small groups enrich the cultural life. Traditional city festivals and major maritime events such as the annual gathering of the tall ships for the "Hanse Sail" bring visitors from far and near to the Hanseatic city.


Rostock University offers UNK students a unique opportunity to study at an ancient university in the new "Lander" of Germany. All courses are open to UNK students with intermediate German as a prerequisite.

Language of Instruction:

Courses are primarily taught in German with a few course offerings in English. (High-Intermediate or Advanced Germany is recommended.)


Fall Semester / October - February
Spring Semester / March - July


Student Apartments with cooking facilities


Students will be housed in student apartments. All apartments have cooking facilities. The students can also choose to eat in the Student Dining Hall at a very reduced rate.

Program Cost:

12 credit hours/fees are paid to UNK. Room and board are paid at the host institution.

Financial Aid:

Financial assistance through UNK is applicable for tuition assistance. It is also possible for students to receive a stipend from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Visit the Study Abroad Office for more information on the DAAD Scholarship.


Intermediate German (at least 2 years of University-level German)