Federal University of Piaui


The Federal University of Piaui maintains 24 undergraduate courses, which are distributed among 6 centers: Health Sciences, Humanities and Letters, Natural Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Education and Technology. There are approximately 12,000 students and 1,100 faculty members on four campuses.

The activities developed by the various sectors of the university depend upon its basic structure, which consists of 80 laboratories, 222 classrooms, an experimental farm, a Central Library, a University Hospital, a University Press, as well as many athletic and arts centers.

Piaui University


The Federal University of Piaui and the University of Nebraska have had a cultural exchange program since 1991.  Through this program, students have the opportunity to study the language, customs and culture of Brazil.  The program introduces Nebraskans to an exciting culture, teaches functional Portuguese and provides various field trips throughout the state of Piaui .


Semester long program

Courses of Study:

  • Oral and written communication in the Portuguese Language;
  • Development of reading skills in Portuguese through a variety of texts;
  • Discussion of cultural aspects of Piauií and Brazil so that students can increase their vision of the world and adapt better to the country. The Portuguese Course for Foreigners provides approximately 270 hours of class which are distributed into 230 hours for the study of Portuguese and 40 hours for the study of Brazilian culture. Students have Portuguese morning classes 5 days a week. In addition, there are out of classroom language activities. The content of the course focuses on the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and grammatical structures. Lively and interesting material (textbook, workbook, class cassettes) and extra material (video, magazines, newspapers, songs, literary texts) is used during the course.


All students will live with host families where room, board, and laundry are provided.


The total cost for the Nebraska program is inclusive of tuition, room & board, and insurance.

Application Deadline:

October 1st and March 1st

Keep in mind that all applications must be reviewed by the UNK study abroad committee prior to their Piaui submission. This process can take up to two weeks so adjustments should be made in order to meet the deadlines listed above.


2.0 GPA

No previous Portuguese language is required at the time of application.