Advice for Parents

When your student makes the choice to study abroad, you may not be sure what to expect or how their experience will affect you as well. Check out these resources to help prepare yourself as you seek to support your student throughout their experience. Be prepared to support your student before, during, and after their experience abroad. Letter to Parents

We're very pleased your student has chosen to study abroad with us. The letter contains information that students may fail to pass along to those who feel a need to know.

Parent Testimonials:

How to maintain communication with your child while they are abroad

How to determine whether your child should study abroad

Advice for parents who are apprehensive about letting their child travel and study in another country

How Study Abroad has proven beneficial

Regarding Expense and Delay in Graduation

Hear Hilary Clinton's opinion about studying abroad!

Study Abroad Parent Guide has compiled a list of questions and answers commonly asked by parents whose student is studying abroad. Please be aware that this guide provides very general answers to commonly asked questions. Feel free to contact the Study Abroad Coordinator ( for more specificity taking particular programs into account.