International Student Scholarship

Policies and Procedures

Purpose: The International Student Scholarship (ISS scholarship) program at the University of Nebraska Kearney is intended to recognize outstanding academic performance of international students. Additionally, the review committee will consider the contribution of applicants to extra curricular activities on campus and in the community. The scholarships are tuition waivers, which pay a portion of an international student's tuition during the period of award. Awards are made for the academic year.

Application Procedures:

  • International Student Scholarships are awarded to students who are admitted as international students. Typically a student will have to accumulate a minimum of 24 undergraduate or 18 graduate UNK credit hours before becoming eligible to submit a scholarship application. The minimal cumulative grade point average for consideration is 3.0.
  • Applicants must be degree seeking students in a full program of study.
  • Students who are not admitted under Agreements for Academic Cooperation & Exchange will be given preferential treatment.
  • A committee that is responsible for final award decisions based on available funds, will review all applications.
  • Selection for the scholarship will be primarily based on academic performance of the applicant. However, participation in campus activities will be a secondary evaluating factor.
  • Scholarships are awarded for one academic year and allocated by semesters. Scholarships are renewable under terms and conditions outlined in the scholarship offer. Students will be notified if they have failed to meet the renewal criteria. Students will not be notified if their scholarship is renewed.
  • ISS scholarships are awarded for tuition only; they are not awarded for room and board or fees.
  • If an International Student Scholarship recipient receives another tuition waiver from the University or an outside agency, the amount of the International Student Scholarship grant will be reduced so the student's total tuition costs are not exceeded by the combination.

You may access the application at the link in the Application tab above. Complete the application between February 1 and February 28. The application requests that students write a short essay (one page), which covers the following information:

  • Grade level
  • Major
  • Country of Origin
  • Professional goals after completing your degree at UNK
  • Description of your involvement in campus and community activities.

Paste the required essay into the scholarship essay text box at the bottom of the application. You may also request references from faculty or other UNK personnel who are familiar with your performance. Please limit your references to two (2).

Application Form

Click HERE for the International Student Scholarship online application form.

Click HERE for the International Student Scholarship Reference Form.