Future International Students

How to Apply

Admission Deadlines

Deadlines for all applicants seeking admission:

  • Fall Semester: May 15 to begin program in mid August
  • Spring Semester: October 15 to begin program in early January
  • Summer Semester: February 15 to begin program in mid May

Deadlines are strictly enforced. Applicants must ensure that the International Admissions Office receives the application, all fees and all supporting materials by the deadline. These deadlines are established to allow adequate time to send the required documents to the applicant for issuance of a student visa at the U.S. Consulate/Embassy and to arrange for travel to the USA.

Special Note: Have a credit card ready for payment of application fee.

A $45.00 UNK fee must be paid when you submit the online application. There is a $40.00 Express Mail/Courier Fee required for secure Federal Express shipment of all Immigration documents (Form I-20/DS-2019 and Admission Letter) for a total of $85.00. Applicants will be asked to access a second online method of payment to pay all additional fees. See important note in Step II. An additional $50.00 ELI Placement Test Fee is required if the applicant will be attending the English Language Institute first to obtain the required English Proficiency score, making the total application fee requirement $135.00.

I. Complete the online application:

The online application must be submitted along with a non-refundable $45.00 application fee before the application will be processed.

  1. Start at http://www.unk.edu/admissions/apply.php.
  2. Sign in.
  3. Pay the $45.00 application fee.

II. Additional Requirements:

Payment of all fees must be accomplished before admission can be completed. The quickest, most secure method of online payment is listed in the links below:

Individual student: click here.

Agency for multiple student payments: click here.

All immigration documents are sent via secure delivery, such as Federal Express, for which an additional $40.00 Express Mail/Courier Fee must be paid. The English Language Institute Placement Test Fee is an additional $50.00 and is required only if you cannot provide an English Proficiency score in excess of the minimum requirements.

All fees must be made payable to: University of Nebraska at Kearney. Fees may also be paid in the form of a personal check or a money order in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank, or using a credit card.

There are no exceptions to the payment of the above fees. IMPORTANT: Do NOT submit fees in cash or via Western Union.

Electronic Check Re-Presentment Policy
In the event that your check is returned unpaid for insufficient or uncollected funds, we may re-present your check electronically. In the ordinary course of business your check will not be provided to you with your bank statement, but a copy can be retrieved by contacting your financial institution.

Contact the International Admissions office with any questions you may have at intladmin@unk.edu or by telephone at 308-865-8526.

III. Submit Admission Requirements:

  1. Copy of passport page. Copy of personal information page of PASSPORT which includes: name, date of birth, passport expiration date, and photo. Passport must be valid for a minimum of six (6) months after the planned start of academic program and must remain valid at all times while in the U.S. According to Regulations, all Immigration documents, including Form I-20 or DS-2019 must match passport name.
  2. Affidavit of Financial Support:

Official, original verification of finances reflecting availability of a minimum $23,465.74 of liquid funds per academic year to attend UNK (dated within 60 days of the date of application). Applicants are required to certify that they have adequate financial support for their entire program of study at UNK. The Form I-20 or DS-2019 is required at the U.S. Consulate/Embassy for the issuance of a visa and cannot be mailed until applicants have satisfactorily completed this step. You must also submit an Affidavit of Financial Support Form along with supporting documentation for verification of relationship of the sponsor and the amount of funds to be provided to the student. The affidavit must be accompanied by one of the following:

  1. Original Bank/Financial Verification. Documents submitted in native language must be accompanied with an official translation. Document must be on official letterhead with bank seal and original signature.
  2. Detailed letter of sponsorship from a government, employer, or organization sponsoring the student indicating the exact dollar amount for expenses in U.S. funds.

Applicants are advised to keep copies of all financial documents submitted to UNK in support of your application. Similar information will be required by the United States Consular Office when you apply for your visa.

Estimated additional costs which may be incurred: $2,200 for summer living expenses, $3,000 for spouse, and $1,500 each per minor dependent.

Due to current budget constraints, there are no scholarships available for new incoming International students.

  1. English Proficiency Requirement: Students from non-English speaking countries are required to submit an original proof of English Proficiency by one of the following: a minimum TOEFL score of 500 paper-based test or 61 Internet-based test (IBT), or 5.5 band or above on IELTS. Arrange for official TOEFL results to be mailed from ETS (UNK code is 6467 and the address is: UNK International Admissions Office, Memorial Student Affairs Building, 2510 11th Avenue, Kearney, NE 68849). If English Proficiency is not verifiable, the applicant must first attend the English Language Institute to attain the appropriate score.
  2. Educational Ladder: Original Certificate of completion/graduation or diploma from High School indicating the date of graduation and transcripts. Original, official diploma or a letter reflecting graduation from high school accompanied by a complete English translation must be provided (dates of attendance must be listed). Students who are attending or attended a foreign university/college must provide: an official transcript from the institution reflecting all courses attempted and grades received.

Those students who may want credit transfers must provide an official transcript along with a professional credential evaluation completed by a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) to the UNK Registrar's Office. See www.naces.org for a complete list of member agencies or contact the Office of Records and Registration for an approved list at the following link: http://www.unk.edu/offices/registrar/index.php.

An official document that may also assist in the verification of your Educational Ladder includes:

  • Original academic credentials issued by the Registrar of the institution. OR
  • Photocopies of academic credentials verified as true copies of the original by a responsible official of the institution or an educational representative of the country's government. Each page must bear the official’s signature and stamp. OR
  • Photocopies of academic credentials that have been certified by a recognized international educational organization – such as: the U.S. Educational Foundation, AMIDEAST, the Institute for International Education or Education USA Office.

IV. Submitting Information:

Upon submission of the online application and all fees, required supporting documents must be sent to:

University of Nebraska at Kearney
International Admissions
Memorial Student Affairs Building
2510 11th Avenue
Kearney, NE 68849 U.S.A.

Phone: (308) 865-8526 Fax: (308) 865-8987
Contact the International Admissions office with any questions you may have at intladmin@unk.edu or by calling 308-865-8526.

All supporting documents, in the native language, must be accompanied with an original, certified English translation. This office does not offer a translation service; contact the Education USA office in your area to assist you with this requirement.

All original application materials become the property of UNK and are not returned.

V. Receiving Information:

After the International Admissions office receives your application, fees and all required supporting documents, your application will be reviewed for an admission decision. You will receive a response via email in approximately 7-10 days as to your admission decision or to request further information.

Upon final approval and admission you will be sent an admission packet which includes:

  • Acceptance letter: Official UNK letter informing you about your acceptance into the University of Nebraska at Kearney undergraduate program.
  • Form I-20 or Form DS-2019: Immigration document that certifies your admission to the University of Nebraska at Kearney that you must take to the US Consulate/Embassy to obtain the student visa.
  • Health Requirement Form: This information contains the mandatory requirements for immunizations. The pre-enrollment health form must be completed by your physician. The physician must include a complete vaccination history prior to your arrival in the USA. This document must be submitted to the UNK Student Health Office upon arrival. This document can be downloaded here. It must be signed by parent/guardian if student is under 18 years old. Additional information regarding the UNK Health Insurance requirement is located on the same page. Students will be automatically enrolled in the UNK Health insurance program unless they provide a copy of their current policy information along with an English translation which meets the minimum requirement and sign a Health Insurance waiver. This waiver must be signed by the 14th day of classes.
  • Housing Information: Online access to the Housing application must be accessed and submitted through the housing sign up portal on "MyBLUE." Students are also able to pay the housing $50 processing fee online. One click on the "Campus Housing" link on "MyBLUE" and the system will guide applicants through the process. An official signature on the contract should be returned to UNK via FAX to guarantee room placement. The contract must also be signed by the parent/guardian if student is under 19 years old. Also included is information regarding meal plans for the student to enroll in. These documents will submit directly to the Office of Residential and Greek Life. Email resilife@unk.edu.
  • Steps to take to arrive in Kearney, Nebraska, USA: This information explains briefly the procedure of applying for a student visa at the U.S. Consulate and provides hints to assist in the process. Additional information included is: Instructions for payment of the mandatory $200.00 SEVIS fee (you will need the receipt at your visa appointment); hints about traveling; directions for completion of the I-94 document on the airline; a listing of hotels and motels in Kearney, Nebraska; and finally, information regarding Maintaining Immigration status while at UNK. Item #11 on the steps form gives information regarding the access to the Arrival Form which should be submitted once your tickets have been purchased, to ensure that someone from the International Student Services Office is available to meet your flight and deliver you to the UNK campus.
  • Upon receipt of Admission Packet, review the Form I-20/Form DS-2019 and Admission Letter for accuracy. If corrections are required or you have questions, contact the International Admission Office immediately. Do not delay review of documents or scheduling of visa appointment! Delays are often long due to the number of students preparing for study in the USA. Your entire process will be much easier if you take the time to review the Admission Packet thoroughly and read all instruction documents. Delays occur when you do not know what to expect. The Admission Packet is designed to give you an overview of the process and steps to make your arrival easier.

VI. Getting the Visa:

Overseas Education Advising Centers are located in major cities worldwide and are affiliated with the United States Information Services (USIS) and/or the United States Embassy. There, applicants can find advisors and information to help understand the admissions process. Overseas advisors are experienced and well-informed about American university systems and admissions procedures.

Students applying for a visa to study in the United States are being required to undergo additional scrutiny since September 2001, as rules have changed to insure U.S. security. You will be required to have a face-to-face interview and undergo a background check. You will need the Form I-20/Form DS-2019 at your interview at the U.S. Embassy.

More information at: Admitted Students - Getting the visa.

For additional information about the International Admissions process at UNK: Undergraduate Catalog - Admission of International Students. Click here.

For further assistance with the immigration process you can go to:

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