Global Education Faculty and Staff Survey

Thank you for participating in the Fall 2012 survey on 'International Education at UNK'. As promised, here are the results:

Global Education Survey of UNK Faculty and Staff

Administrator/Staff responses begin on P. 2; Faculty/Teacher responses on P. 31.

This survey was prepared by the Office of International Education and the Center for Teaching Excellence and was taken by:

96 faculty, adjuncts and other instructors
[70 faculty; 26 adjuncts and instructors]

79 staff
[12 administrators, 24 academic-support staff, and 43 non-academic staff]

The survey results provide potentially valuable factual, attitudinal, and opinion data related to international students and those who teach and serve them in various ways.

The survey deals with issues such as English competency in the classroom and with staff, intercultural communication, domestic-international student relations, academic performance trouble spots (and how serious these are perceived to be), the types and range of overseas experience of UNK faculty/teachers/staff, the perceived importance of study abroad and intercultural communication training, and departmental resource questions.

Although not necessarily representative of the views of UNK faculty/staff as a whole, we hope that this information will nevertheless serve as a useful planning tool or point of reference for discussion for you, your department, and the Office of International Education.

We would like to administer a follow up survey in 2014, so if you have any ideas on how to improve the survey, please send your ideas to Barb Estes, the OIE Business Manager: