What people have to say about the value of the International Friendship Program:

Consul General for Japan

Amherst family's heartwarming experience
Over four years ago you presented this program at an event we attended. Our family of six discussed this and immediately signed up. Not too long afterwards a homesick, scared little Japanese girl came home to the farm with us after being in the states just a week. She cried that night at the beauty of the stars and the openness out on the farm that she’d never experienced before. She walked in the grass barefoot, learned about farm life, branding, and horseback riding. She experienced our Easter celebration, family parties, eating a cream can dinner and mountain oysters. We were blessed by her contagious giggly laugh, pure innocence in experiencing America and farm life and her generous heart. She quickly became our Japanese daughter and us her American family.  Last Friday was UNK’s graduation and she invited her parents to the celebration. We hosted her graduation reception out on the farm for a lot of her friends and their families. We were blessed beyond measure to meet her parents and only understood their ‘Thank Yous.’ But, that’s all we needed to know. We were all so happy to meet each other. I thought I’d share this wonderful picture of all of us enjoying the evening together.