1 A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P R S T U V W
Phone NumberName & Title
1st Year Program
8291Ensz, Brette A (Asst Director 1st Year Program)
8291Miller, Larry L (Other Hourly Wkr)
Academic Affairs
8209Bicak, Charles J (Sr Vice Chan Academic/Student Affairs)
8935Jensen, Laura A (Coordinator of Academic Publications)
8209Milks, Kristi (Office Associate)
8209Plugge, Tamora (Tami) L (Executive Assistant)
Academic and Career Services
8501Estes, Aaron G (Assoc Director Academic and Career Servi)
8501Gunderson, Traci D (Asst Director Academic & Career Services)
8501Isaac, Darcy J (Office Assistant)
8501Knott, Thomas M (Academic & Career Advisor)
8501Rundstrom, Amy L (Director, Academic & Career Services)
8158Weber, Nancy J (Academic & Career Advisor)
8501Weed, Joni L (Office Associate)
Academic Success
8988Luker, David T (Director Academic Success)
1593Pierce, Josh W (Kearney Bound Coordinator)
Academic Svcs & Enrollment Mgmt
8502Scantling III, Edgar (Ed) L (Assoc VC for Acad Svc & Enrlmnt Mgmt)
8112Agrawal, Pushpa (Lecturer)
8110Borden, Karl J (Professor)
8570Carstenson, Larry G (Professor)
8962Dusch, Sherrie D (Senior Lecturer)
8348Elder, Bruce Robert (Professor)
8349Eschenbrenner, Brenda L (Assistant Professor)
8112Geiser, Rocky E (Lecturer)
8124Hall, Steven C (Chair, Professor)
8170Hayes, Suzanne K (Associate Professor)
8008Smith, Kathleen J (Professor)
8877Swinney, Laurie S (Professor)
8112Talarico, Cynthia A (Office Associate)
8107Trewin, Janet (Professor)
8464Ujah, Nacasius (Assistant Professor)
8526Amm, LeeAnn (Assoc Director Admissions)
8526Ceja, Sergio A (Other Hourly Wkr)
8526Chvatal, Elizabeth A (Admissions Recruiter)
8526Cooley, Michael A (Admissions Recruiter)
8526Dibbern, Kiley S (Admissions Recruiter)
8709Donohue, Launa K (Coordinator Admissions Operations)
8157Garrett, Susan K (Applications and Records Evaluator)
8526Green, Bradley J (Asst Director for Undergrad Recruitment)
8526Keating, James (Jay) M (Admissions Recruiter)
8526Newton, Dustin W (Director, Admissions)
8438Pierce, Jolene E (Education Records Assessor/Evaluator)
8703Roschewski, Jael J (Asst Director for Campus Visit Programs)
8526Smith, Julie A (Education Records Assessor/Evaluator)
8526Stover, Shane P (Talisma Enrollment Management Analyst)
8435Williams, JoLene M (Office Associate)
8987FAX (Honors Program)
Art & Art History
8353Alberti, Leo C (Lecturer)
8353Bates, Jennifer L (Lecturer)
8072Burbul, Derrick A (Associate Professor)
8351Cavill Jr, William D (Assistant Professor)
8088Dennis, Thomas (Tom) L (Associate Professor)
8353Downey, Sheila J (Lecturer)
8353Franklin, Anne (Lecturer)
8084Fronczak, John (JEF) E (Senior Lecturer)
(308) 293-0804Goro-Rapoport, Victoria (Associate Professor)
8845Hartman, Mark D (Associate Professor)
8472Jacobsen, Carolyn F (Lecturer)
(308) 627-6224Kastello, Lisa L (Assistant Professor)
8472Kosmicki, Christy L (Lecturer)
8353Maire, Debby (Office Associate)
8055May, Daniel G (Associate Professor)
8082McKirahan, John (Lecturer)
8253Ramsey, Steven A (Assistant Professor)
(308) 627-7116Schuessler, Richard (Professor)
8353Smith, Nancy K (Lecturer)
8353Trahoulia, Nicolette S (Lecturer)
8353Waterfield, Will D (Chair, Professor)
8086Wetherell, Mallory A (Assistant Professor)
8353Ziemke, Matthew S (Lecturer)
Assessment Office
8255Covalt, Karin K (Univ Assessment Asst)
1545FAX (Teaching Excellence)
(678) 523-9594Adams, Robert M (Assistant Professor)
8713Albrecht, Marc C (Associate Professor)
8548Bosanko, Jodi L (Other Hourly Wkr)
1575Carlson, Darby J (Senior Lecturer)
1554Carlson, Kimberly Ann (Professor)
8695Chandra, Surabhi (Assistant Professor)
8617Cummings, Anne M (Lecturer)
8548Damman, Elizabeth M (Other Hourly Wkr)
8548Drew, Bryan T (Assistant Professor)
8912Ericson, Bradley (Brad) L (Associate Professor)
8595Freeman Jr, Thomas L (Associate Professor)
8982Geluso, Keith (Associate Professor)
8413Harner, Mary J (Assistant Professor)
8817Jacques, Betty Jo (Senior Lecturer)
1584Koupal, Keith D (Lecturer)
8548Kreitman, Joshua W (Research Technician)
8548Kuebler, Judith K (Office Associate)
8602Moghe, Saili (Assistant Professor)
1572Panaitof, Stefania C (Assistant Professor)
1589Peterson, Brian C (Distance Education Coordinator)
8568Reichart, Letitia (Letty) M (Assistant Professor)
8545Schoenebeck, Casey W (Associate Professor)
1589Schoenebeck, Robyn A (Distance Education Coordinator)
8661Shaffer, Julie J (Professor)
8470Simon, Dawn M (Associate Professor)
8943Simonson, Richard (Rick) L (Senior Lecturer)
8920Springer, Joseph T (Chair, Professor)
8325Steele, Janet E (Professor)
8315Twigg, Paul (Professor)
8548Warren, Madelyn M (Other Hourly Wkr)
Budget Office
8213Mattson, Jean L (Budget Officer)
8191Mitchell, Janet (Jan) A (Budget Analyst)
Business & Technology
8342Burkink, Timothy J (Dean Business/Technology)
8342Darveau, Stacy L (Administrative Associate)
8066Favinger, Dustin D (CBT Internship & Career Center Director)
8979Woods, Janice E (Director of Experiential Learning)
Business and Finance
8205Johnson, Barbara L (Vice Chancellor Business/Finance)
8213Johnson, Patricia L (Office Assistant)
8377Ludden, Jo Ann (Business Systems Analyst/Trainer)
8205Meier, Fauneil A (Executive Assistant)
8641Purdy, Lee Ann (Risk Mgmt & Envir Health & Safety Coord)
8430Rodehorst, Ryan S (Telecommunications Coordinator)
8099Rohde, Michael (Mike) K (Workstation Support Specialist)
8427Sheldon, Jane (Asst Vice Chancellor Business & Finance)
Business Services
8448Benson, Scott A (Asst Director Business Services)
8525Christensen, Kimberly S (Buyer)
8866Fuestman, Paula A (Accounts Payable Technician)
8865Stithem, Carrie L (Accounts Payable Manager)
8419Urbanski, Judith K (Accounts Payable Technician)
8433Volz, Karen K (Mail Regulations Clerk)
8433Volz, Troy L (Mail Regulations Clerk)
8431Watts, Jonathan C (Director of Bus Svcs & Accts Payable)
8101FAX for Business Services Department
3130FAX for Office Depot
Center for Rural Rsch Development
8199Hinrichs, Jessica A (Administrative Specialist)
8135Kaskie, Shawn C (Director Ctr Rural Research/Development)
8490Baxter, Elona (Office Associate)
8105Cao, Haishi (Associate Professor)
8490Clements, Aspen R (Assistant Instructor)
8491Darveau, Scott A (Chair, Professor)
8723Ellis, Jeramie A (Laboratory and Instrument Technician)
8565Exstrom, Christopher (Professor)
8262Glass, Amanda M (Assistant Professor)
8719Kegley-Owen, Carla S (Senior Lecturer)
8308Kounovsky-Shafer, Kristy L (Assistant Professor)
8384Kovacs, Frank A (Professor)
8490Larsen, Julie A (Lecturer)
8490Lueck, Bethany A (Assistant Instructor)
8802Moser Lintz, Annette C (Associate Professor)
8479Palencia, Hector (Associate Professor)
8385Pattabiraman, Mahesh (Assistant Professor)
8452Thomas, Allen A (Assistant Professor)
Child Development Center
1576Clark, Elizabeth H (Lead Teacher - Toddlers)
1576Cordova, JoAnna (Director Child Development Center)
1576Guiai, Rachel R (Lead Teacher - Toddler 2's)
1576Hinrichsen, Amber A (Food Service Assistant)
1576Kinney, Ivette (Lead Teacher - Pre-K)
1576Madsen, Christy (Chris) A (Lead Teacher - Infants)
8054Campbell, Bryan M (Other Hourly Wkr)
8795Haberlan, Shelley (Workstation Support Specialist)
8054Hays, Colleen S (Other Hourly Wkr)
8054Rieck, Vanessa K (Office Associate)
8249Anderson, Grant S (Lecturer)
8705Blackman, Aaron C (Lecturer)
8269Diffenderfer, Tereca (Terri) M (Senior Lecturer)
8249Fisk, Kari R (Other Hourly Wkr)
8249Hammond, Amy R (Lecturer)
8249Hanshaw, Joshua A (Lecturer)
8412Hanson, Ralph E (Chair, Professor)
1574Hogg, Nanette M (Associate Professor)
8639Jackson, Christina M (Assistant Professor)
8407Jacobsen, Lorene (Jake) L (Senior Lecturer)
8408Javidi, Akbar (Associate Professor)
8736Jiang, Ching-Shan (Alex) (Assistant Professor)
8249Larreau, Cassandra J (Other Hourly Wkr)
8673Lawson, George M (Associate Professor)
8249Lawson, Merritt G (Lecturer)
8249McLaughlin, Scott (Lecturer-Hourly)
8966Messersmith, Amber S (Associate Professor)
8249Rosdail, Jacob R (Assistant Professor)
8737Scholwin, Elle M (Lecturer)
8251Shirandasht-Javidi, Robabeh (Mandana) (Lecturer)
8249Spivey, Judy E (Office Associate)
8513Thiel, Frank E (Lecturer)
8474Widger, Michelle L (Lecturer)
8249Ziwoya, Fletcher O (Assistant Professor)
Communication Disorders
8302Bush, Erin (Erin) J (Assistant Professor)
8300Cabbage, Kathryn L (Lecturer)
8300Green, Jana M (Summer Faculty)
8300Jones, JoEllen E (Lecturer)
8507Kommers, Mary Susan (Senior Lecturer)
8306McKelvey, Miechelle L (Associate Professor)
8924Moody, Laura N (Lecturer)
8301Moore, Jan A (Chair, Professor)
8300Panowicz, Kimberly A (Office Associate)
8304Potthoff, Patricia A (Lecturer)
8300Roitsch, Jane E (Lecturer)
8612Schneider-Cline, Whitney M (Asst Professor)
8300Straight, Jenise L (Lecturer)
8300Studley, Blake A (Lecturer)
8300Thomas-Peters, Pamela (Pam) S (Lecturer)
Communications & Community Relations
8455Bartling, Kelly H (Asst VC for Comm. & Community Relations)
Crocker, Joene L (Other Hourly Wkr)
8455Dorsey, Corbey R (Photographer)
8529Giboney, Sara M (Writing Specialist-Media Communications)
8454Gottula, Todd (Director, News & Internal Communications)
8453Means, Kyle R (Director of Marketing)
Computer Science & Information Tech
8554Alavi-Behbahani, Abdoulelahe (A Shahram) (Assistant Professor)
8370Anderson, Catherine L (Lecturer)
8370Breiner, Andrew C (Lecturer)
8370Ewing, Dianne J (Office Associate)
8123Harms, Sherri K (Chair, Professor)
8365Hastings, John D (Professor)
CON-Kearney Division
8745Burge, Stephanie A (Instructor)
8322Christo, Hilary I (Student Services Coordinator)
8729Ealy, Patricia (Patty) J (Instructor)
8710Ellermeier, Michelle E (Instructor)
8781Feldman, Diane G (LRC Coordinator)
8726Ference, Cindy S (Instructor)
8323Geiselman, Gloria (Office Associate I)
8952Hines, Diana L (Instructor)
8809Jackson, Diane K (Instructor)
8147Knisley, Janet E (Clinical Assistant Professor)
8750Mertz, Mary (Mary Ann) Ann (Asst Professor)
8747Miller, Joella A (Asst Professor)
8324Pitkin, Steven R (Asst Professor)
8323Quadhamer, Bettee (Colleen) C (Nurse Specialist)
8150Reed, Jill R (Assistant Professor)
8746Stuart, Nancy P (Instructor)
8712Taylor, Cynthia (Cindy) L (Office Assistant II)
8749Trausch, Patricia (Instructor)
1606Waibel-Rycek, Denise A (Instructor)
1605Weber, Rita K (Instructor)
8248Chamness, Kristin A (Assoc Director Mental Hlth Practitioner)
8279Hay-Holen, Patricia A (Asst Director Women's Center)
8248Hof, Kiphany J (Mental Health Practitioner)
8248Kroll, Faithe L (Mental Health Practitioner)
8248Rodehorst, Brenda L (Office Assistant)
8248Spellbrink, Sarah D (Mental Health Practitioner)
8092Torres, Ismael O (Mutimedia Associate)
8897FAX -- Counseling Care
Counseling & School Psychology
8508Callueng, Carmelo M (Lecturer)
8508Carlson, Nancy (Lecturer)
8361Chasek, Christine L (Assistant Professor)
8508Daiss, Doyle D (Lecturer)
8320Hof, David D (Professor)
8508Johnson, Nancy M (Office Associate)
8508Lieske, Jody L (Lecturer)
8508Maxson, Thomas Z (Lecturer)
8318McFarland, Max A (Professor)
8508McFarland, Theresa K (Lecturer)
8358Mims, Grace A (Chair, Professor)
8625Mims, Matthew J (Associate Professor)
8834Ohmstede-Schmoker, Tammi (Tammi) J (Associate Professor)
8508Stott, Anne Marie C (Lecturer)
8360Tillman, Douglas R (Assistant Professor)
8508Wiggins, Jerry E (Lecturer)
Counseling and Health Care
8964Plummer, Lisa J (Business Manager)
8047Schardt, Wendy L (Director Counseling & Health Care)
1620FAX -- Administrative
Creative Services
8131Andresen, Amanda K (Web Designer)
8138Feikert, Eric L (Print Production Associate)
8136Gallaway, Stephanie K (Digital/Multimedia Production Coord)
8130Jacobson, Amy (Senior Graphic Designer)
8132Johnson, Kara R (Associate Graphic Designer)
8134Maxson, Lou A (Office Supervisor)
8432Schrodt, Steven P (Director Creative Services)
8133Webb, Thane M (Web Developer)
Criminal Justice
8566Campbell, Julia L (Chair, Associate Professor)
8961Carlson Jr, Joseph (Joe) R (Professor)
8892Fosher, Tamara (Tami) L (Program Coordinator)
8510Gugel, Sue A (Lecturer)
8510Harshbarger, Kyle (Lecturer)
8777Jhi, Kyung Y (Assistant Professor)
8774Siedschlaw, Kurt D (Professor)
8756Smith, Gary G (Lecturer (CJ))
8510Wiersma, Beth A (Associate Professor)
8506Wulf-Ludden, Timbre L (Asst Professor)
Disability Services for Students
8798Brandt, David L (Disabilities Services Coordinator)
8797Broumley, Kellie E (Transcriber)
8797Davidson, Angelina (Becky) R (Transcriber Supervisor)
8988Moore, Aisha T (Transcriber)
8825Henning, Judy A (Lecturer)
8503Leite-Trambly, Olimpia D (Instructional Technologist)
8341McGahan, Steven (Steve) J (Asst Director/Instructional Designer)
8300Nantkes, Stephanie R (Lecturer)
8840Premer, Karen A (Asst Director/Instructional Designer)
8512Renner, Carol S (Lecturer)
8513Retzlaff, Gale R (Lecturer)
8927Rhinehart, Heather J (Office Associate)
8211Saalfeld, Julie A (Office Associate)
8285Sameer, Sreevidya (Vidya) (CRM Associate)
1584Sindelar, Meghan E (Lecturer)
8390Vavricka, Gloria J (Director of eCampus)
8378Wyant, Alyssa M (Marketing/Communications Specialist L1)
8530Bombeck, Katherine M (Lecturer)
8044Bridges, Deborah E (Professor)
8343Dority O'Callaghan, Bree L (Assistant Professor)
8459Edwards, Wayne A (Associate Professor)
8458Eshleman, Thomas (Tommy) (Associate Professor)
8530Fie, Connie J (Office Associate)
8342Forster, Bruce A (Retiree)
8461Jenkins, Leroy (Allan) A (Professor)
8487Johnson, Don D (Lecturer)
8487Landholm, Bambi S (Lecturer)
8482Lear, Janet L (Associate Professor)
8707Rittenhouse, Mary Ann (Senior Lecturer)
8573Tenkorang, Frank A (Chair, Associate Professor)
8502Archwamety, Teara (Research Consultant)
8502Fleck, Shelly (Administrative Associate)
8162FAX (Testing Center)
Educational Administration
8512Dexter, Robin R (Summer Faculty)
8512Dumas, Chad M (Lecturer)
8638Hoehner, Patricia (Associate Professor)
8539Jacobson, Thomas P (Associate Professor)
8512Lucas, Michael J (Lecturer)
8844Meyer, Richard C (Chair, Associate Professor)
8512Moss, Donna B (Lecturer)
8359Nelson, Kenneth (Ken) D (Associate Professor)
8512Nelson, Kerri L (Lecturer)
8512Peterson, Holly A (Office Associate)
8512Teahon, Michael D (Summer Faculty)
8512Tenopir, James A (Lecturer)
Educator Certification Office
8264Buchmeier, Kristy L (Office Associate)
8937Frew, Mary C (Office Associate)
8266Jansky, Jennifer (Jenny) L (Asst Director of Educator Certification)
8129Addy, Rebecca G (Lecturer)
8299Andersen, Jeremy T (Other Hourly Wkr)
8299Behlmann, Ruth Ann (Office Associate)
8109Beissel Heath, Michelle P (Associate Professor)
(308) 991-4647Bloomfield, Susanne Kathryn (Professor)
8702Christensen, Jane Ellen (Senior Lecturer)
8059Fernandez, Robert W (Chair, Assistant Professor)
8984Hartman, Megan E (Assistant Professor)
8059Hickman-Fernandez, Mary R (Lecturer)
8299Hixson, Karyn L (Lecturer)
8299Hollander, Jessica E (Senior Lecturer)
8563Honeyman, Susan E (Professor)
8299Joyce, Douglas J (Lecturer)
8415Kruse, Martha J (Associate Professor)
8936Lorentzen, Anita M (Lecturer)
1591Loya-Perez, Andrea L (Lecturer)
8115Luscher, Robert M (Professor)
8297McGinnis, Katie A (Lecturer)
8106Meyer, Bobby J (Assistant Professor)
1591Olsen, Ruth Ann (Lecturer)
8297Ostrom, Cynthia L (Lecturer)
8887Pearson, David W (Lecturer)
8116Ray, Brian C (Assistant Professor)
8887Seberger, Dennis G (Lecturer)
8117Tassi, Marguerite A (Professor)
8847Thompson, Janette (Jan) L (Senior Lecturer)
1524Turman, Jenara M (Senior Lecturer)
8697Umland, Rebecca A (Professor)
8293Umland, Samuel (Sam) J (Chair, Professor)
8295Van Renen, Maria (Assistant Professor)
8717VanRenen, Denys W (Assistant Professor)
Facilities-Rev Bond Operations
1800Allum, Ricky D (Custodian)
1800Best, Aurora R (Custodian)
1800Bowman, Kelli L (Painter)
1800Brehm, Nancy J (Custodian)
1800Brisbin, Kit L (Carpenter)
1800Butler, Sara R (Custodian)
1800Dummer, Jeffry J (Custodian)
1800Emmons, Stephanie N (Custodian)
1800Geiger, Michael (Building Service Tech)
1800Gilbertson, Debra L (Custodian)
1800Grossman, Terry L (Custodial Leader)
1800Grove, Susan R (Custodian)
8392Gugelman, Marcia L (Building Service Tech)
1800Hogins, Timothy G (Building Mechanic)
1800Hunt, Kevin S (Painter)
1800Khoury, Teresa K (Custodian)
1800Lester, James (Jim) D (Building Service Tech)
1800Lyons, Robin D (Custodian)
1800Marker, Brenda L (Custodial Supervisor)
1800Morehead, Jeff K (Carpenter)
1800Mulder, Jared L (Building Mechanic)
1800Novotne, Trishia D (Custodian)
8533Persson, Brock L (Custodian)
1800Rosenthal, Eric W (Custodial Leader)
1800Scarborough, Robert D (Utility Mechanic)
1800Schroeder, Beverly A (Custodian)
1800Solko, Kris R (Custodian)
8692Warren, Betsy N (Office Associate)
Facilities Mgt & Planning
1800Bengtson, Brent M (Custodial Leader)
1800Bergsten, Russell D (Landscape Assistant)
1800Best, Randall K (Painter)
1800Blocher, Christopher A (Custodian)
8262Bradshaw, Randy (Custodian)
1800Capellen, Craig D (Landscape Assistant)
1800Christensen, Martin H (Custodian)
8149Clark, Gary D (Custodian)
(308) 440-1561Clevenger, Steven (Custodial Supervisor)
1800Cole, Pamela K (Custodian)
8889Cremers, Michael R (Construction Project Manager)
1700DeHaven, Meredith A (Office Associate)
1800Dickmeyer, Rianna L (Groundskeeper)
1800Dietz, Tammy L (Custodial Leader)
8533Franco, Timothy P (Custodian)
1800Gall, Sean D (Custodian)
8168Garcia, Maggie A (Manager, Custodial)
1800Guerrero De Gonzalez, Juana (Custodian)
8581Gunther, Mitchell L (Auto Mechanic)
1800Halbert, Jeff A (Custodian)
8533Hallam, Jason A (Horticulturalist)
8140Halliwell, Keith A (Construction Project Manager)
(308) 627-5355Harding, Robin G (Environ/Hlth & Safety Technician)
1800Heaton, Patricia (Pati) F (Maintenance Planner)
1800Hernandez, Shane E (Custodian)
8262James, Brian E (Custodial Leader)
1800Johnson, Doug D (Custodian)
8533Killion, Christine M (Office Associate)
1800Kitt, Kathy R (Custodian)
1800Kreis, Charles K (Carpenter)
8907Kutsch, Joy L (Custodian)
1800Lindholm, Joy A (Custodian)
1800Marker, Raymond I (Electrician)
8533McCollough, Michael S (Groundskeeper)
(308) 627-6949McQueen, Lee V (Director of Facilities)
1800Medley, Troy G (Building Service Tech)
1800Metzger, Kurt J (Custodian)
1800Munster, Shawn H (Maintenance Supervisor)
8581Orcutt, Kimberley F (Supply Control Supervisor)
8584Panowicz, Mark E (Utility Plant Supervisor)
1800Pettigrew, Michael J (Custodian)
1800Ritchie Jr, Terry A (Custodian)
1800Rodriguez, Jerry (Custodian)
1800Schneider, Thomas (Thom) W (HVAC Technician)
1800Seals, Terry L (Carpenter)
8533Slaymaker, Randy L (Supply Control Assistant)
1800Smith, Mark A (Custodian)
1800Sup, Michael C (Groundskeeper)
1800Talarico, Mark A (Carpenter)
8533Trede, Stanley J (Custodial Leader)
1800Uden, Bruce L (Building Service Tech)
1800Van Horn, Kenneth J (Custodian)
1800Walker, Julie L (Custodian)
8469Waller, Sharon L (Business Manager)
8579Wardyn, Richard (Construction Project Manager)
1800Wedige, Alan D (Campus Architect)
8469Wellensiek, Don R (Event/Moving Team Leader)
1800Whatley, Andrew L (Custodian)
1800Willey, Wade W (Custodian)
1800Wilson, Christopher D (Locksmith)
1800Wirkus, Duane E (Electrician)
Family Studies and Interior Design
8231Asay, Sylvia (Chair, Professor)
8228Derr, Judy L (Lecturer)
8232Hill, Toni L (Assistant Professor)
8228Jedlicka, Kay L (Lecturer)
8664Johnston, Peggy (Peg) A (Senior Lecturer)
8230Langlais, Michael R (Assistant Professor)
8996Larsen, Theodore A (Lecturer)
8663Moore, Tami J (Professor)
8228Nelms, Christina L (Lecturer)
8226Nordhues, Jeffery (Jeff) D (Assistant Professor)
8225Obasi, Sharon N (Assistant Professor)
8234Stolzer, Jeanne M (Professor)
8228Tourney, Cathy L (Office Associate)
8233Vaux, Dana E (Assistant Professor)
8229Woodward, Tawnya H (Assistant Professor)
Finance Office
8420Bauer, Karla (Accounting Technician)
8524Beerbohm, Janet (Jan) (Office Associate)
8524Berg, Jolene S (Manager, Student Accounts)
8426Cope, Verna (Other Hourly Wkr)
8524Darveau, Sonja (Accountant)
8012Gansemer, Theresa A (Student Accounts Asst)
8524Harris, Joan A (Other Hourly Wkr)
8524Lund, Betty Y (Other Hourly Wkr)
8524Moran, Christine L (Senior Financial Accountant)
8524Norblade, Judy A (Other Hourly Wkr)
8421Purdy, Jill (Asst Director Finance Office)
8524Riessland, Larry (Director of Finance)
8948Ripp, Terri J (Student Accounts Accounting Technician)
8524Sanny, Carissa A (Student Accounts Asst)
8808Tvrdy, Debra S (Accountant)
8423Wardyn, Laura L (Student Accounts Technician)
Financial Aid
8520Artz, Kristina M (Office Associate)
8520Belmudez, Phillip D (Financial Aid Counselor, Scholarships)
8520Besse, Renee (Assoc Director Financial Aid)
8520Dobry, Rebecca D (Counselor, Financial Aid)
8520Johnson, Matthew D (Counselor, Financial Aid)
8520Mitchell, Samantha J (Office Associate)
8520Sommers, Mary S (Director, Financial Aid)
8383Triplett, Jacqueline (Office Associate)
Fine Arts & Humanities
8521Burman, Marcia K (Administrative Associate)
8940Hansen, Steve M (Workstation Support Specialist)
8521Jurma, William (Dean Fine Arts/Humanities)
8521Price, Linda L (Other Hourly Wkr)
Food Service
8701Decker, Andy (Executive Chef)
8786Engels, Rhonda J (Office Manager)
8434King, Shonna R (Marketing Manager)
8428Petersen, Deb (Manager)
8418Smith, Wil (Director of Dining Services)
8637Staab, Rita (Director of Catering)
8018Gordon, Kendra (Ken) V (Asst Coach Football Defensive Coord)
8831Holtzclaw, Henry (Joe) J (Asst Coach Football Offensive Line)
8033Lamberson, Joshua E (Head Coach - Football)
8187Miller, Matthew K (Asst Coach Football Wide Receiver)
8033Morris, Darrell Wayne (Head Coach - Football)
8020Shade, Shayne M (Asst Coach Football)
8016Willrich, Jacob (Jake) P (Asst Coach Football)
Frank House
8284Stoutamire, William F (Coordinator, Frank House)
Graduate Studies & Research
8822Brewer, Carmen (Assoc Director Graduate Studies & Resear)
8702Campbell, Susan M (Office Associate)
8841Johnson, Linda I (Director, Graduate Studies)
8838Koepp, Debra S (Enrollment Specialist)
8843Shanno, Janna J (Administrative Associate)
8843Taylor, Kenya (Dean Grad Studies/Research)
Greek Affairs
8057Wolf, Heather N (Asst Dir Student Activities-Greek Life)
Health Care
8218Archer, Debra A (Other Hourly Wkr)
8218Clark, Madjil M (Other Hourly Wkr)
8218Hayes, Cynthia L (Assoc Director Nurse Practitnr)
8218Johnson, Anne C (Other Hourly Wkr)
8218Kovarik, Michelle (Shelly) L (Clinic Nurse)
8218Nyffeler, Peggy A (Other Hourly Wkr)
8218Pedersen, Susan K (Asst Director Health Care, Clinic Nurse)
8218Seevers, Patricia K (Office Assistant)
8218Wiederspan, Janna G (Clinic Nurse)
Health Science Programs
8260Abels, Margaret (Peggy) M (Director Health Programs)
8260Mitchell, Connie K (Office Associate)
8260Stout, Elizabeth A (Asst Director of Health Sciences)
8765Ailes, Mary Elizabeth (Professor)
8766Alexander, Amber J (Program Coordinator)
8768Barua, Pradeep (Professor)
8636Biggs, Douglas L (Associate Professor)
8771Davis, Roger P (Professor)
8767Ellis, Mark R (Chair, Professor)
Gough, Peter L (Assistant Professor)
8509Hewitt, Michael T (Lecturer)
8509Huxoll, Ross D (Lecturer)
8509Jesch, Aaron (Aaron) D (Lecturer)
8770Koepp, Roy G (Assistant Professor)
8509Lammers, Kami (Kami) J (Lecturer)
8757Lilly, Carol S (Professor)
8509Proskocil, Pamela J (Office Associate)
8671Rensink, Brenden W (Lecturer)
8769Rohrer, James R (Associate Professor)
8766Stubbs, Stacey R (Program Coordinator)
8509Thomsen, Roger C (Lecturer)
8900Turman, Jinny A (Assistant Professor)
8772Van Ingen, Linda (Associate Professor)
8773Volpe, Vernon L (Professor)
8898Wells, Robert JD (Assistant Professor)
Honors Program
8702Falconer, John (Director Honors Program)
Human Resources
8388Chinnock Petroski, Mary J (Director Human Resources)
8426Covalt, Misha E (Other Hourly Wkr)
8655Dawson, Kayleigh (Kay) N (Office Associate)
8516Ferguson, Colleen E (Employment Compensation Manager)
8404Huryta, Deborah (Human Resources Compliance Manager)
8182Raya-Kaup, Lucia (Payroll Technician)
8426Swarm, Chelsea M (Manager, Payroll)
8917FAX (Dual Career Program)
8917FAX (Employment)
8917FAX (Ombudsperson)
Industrial Technology
8622Amundson, Stephen G (Senior Lecturer)
8733Barry, Nathan A (Assistant Professor)
8504Benne, Kathryn (Kathy) B (Office Associate)
8287Brachle, Benjamin J (Lecturer)
8504Cass, Timothy R (Lecturer)
8504Cronin, Christy L (Lecturer)
8803Flanigan, Rod L (Assistant Professor)
8504George, Carrie A (Other Monthly Worker)
8309Gibbs, Terry (Senior Lecturer)
8504Green Delorm, Amy K (Lecturer)
8504Gregory, Gwyn A (Lecturer)
8504Grenke, Abby L (Other Monthly Worker)
8504Hengge, Christipher J (Lecturer)
8718Hollman, Angela K (Assistant Professor)
8504Hollman, Travis J (Lecturer)
8688Holt, Eric A (Assistant Professor)
8504Jelinek, Anton E (Lecturer)
8122Jochum, Brenda L (Internship Director)
8693Jochum, Scott L (Lecturer)
8149Koester, Jami D (Office Associate)
8504Labun, Harold M (Lecturer)
8504Laughrey, Chad R (Lecturer)
8149Mather, Liberty (Lecturer)
8149McNitt, Jordan N (Other Monthly Worker)
8504Metz, Tracy R (Other Monthly Worker)
8259Morrow, Sherry (Assistant Professor)
8743Obermier, Timothy (Tim) (Chair, Professor)
8504Osborn, Toby J (Lecturer)
8288Porter, Dale S (Assistant Professor)
8149Saathoff, Daniel L (Lecturer)
8149Steele, James (Jim) G (Lecturer)
8504Swinney, Gregory Dale (Lecturer)
8698Tuttle, Ronald (Ron) H (Professor)
8694Vaux, James S (Assistant Professor)
8504Wilterding, Tyler R (Lecturer)
Information Technology Services
8861Alavi-Behbahani, Esmat (Shahla) (IT Training Specialist)
8792Bauer, Rex A (Workstation Support Specialist)
8950Berryman, Karen (Administrative Associate)
8789Childress, Andrea L (Director, Systems and Programming)
8862Childress, Jeremy S (Systems and LAN Administrator)
8176Cox, Brian L (Asst Director Network Services)
8792DeBord, Casey R (LAN Administrator)
8800Evans, Dylan L (LAN Administrator)
8793Fisher, Jodie L (LAN Administrator)
8543Foxworthy, Ryan M (Business Analyst)
8800Hammond, Brandon J (Asst Director Information Systems)
8783Haussermann, Heidi S (Technical Support Specialist)
8788Karash, Marilyn E (Help Desk Associate)
8801Lienemann, Shawn D (Help Desk Associate)
8169Liibbe, Kay (Programmer Analyst)
8950McCown, Kosley S (Other Hourly Wkr)
8764Mollard, Rick W (LAN Administrator)
8363Moore, Nathan E (Help Desk Associate)
8561Namachivayam, Venkatesh (Business Analyst)
8950O'Neill, Mitchell (Mitch) S (Assoc Dir Application Developmnt/Oper)
8623Petersen, Jane L (Asst Director Instructional Tech Serv)
8268Ray, Donald (Don) J (Multimedia Specialist)
8950Schroeder, Deborah K (Asst Vice Chan Info Tech)
8963Trambly, James F (Help Desk Associate)
Institutional Research
8934Fryda, Megan M (Asst Director IR)
8204Livingston, Kathy E (Director Institutional Research)
8564Neal, Lisa M (Asst Director IR)
Intercollegiate Athletics
8514Alexander, James (Tray) T (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Alstrom, Jon J (Other Monthly Worker)
8514Andersen, Trey A (Other Hourly Wkr)
1563Babl, Aleesha J (Other Hourly Wkr)
1563Babl, Jeffrey E (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Bacus, John W (Other Hourly Wkr)
1563Bailey, Andria R (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Bamesberger, Kayla J (Other Hourly Wkr)
Baumgardner, Kadie A (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Becker, Dexter L (Other Hourly Wkr)
8028Borden, Brian D (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Brandon, Hilke D (Assoc Dir of Corp Sponsorships/Loper)
8514Brandt, Jolene L (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Brannagan, Kalyn B (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Brauer, Samuel B (Other Hourly Wkr)
1501Broadwell, Caitlin N (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Brockmoller, Erica (E) J (Other Hourly Wkr)
8069Brodersen, Richard (Senior Assoc Athletic Director)
8514Brown, George H (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Brown, Jessica J (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Brown, McKenzie J (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Brozek, Ethan M (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Bucholtz, Ellen (Nellie) (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Buschkoetter, Randy R (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Carper, Melissa K (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Carroll, Allen J (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Carver, Kelle L (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Christensen, Nicholas D (Other Hourly Wkr)
(308) 627-1146Clapp, Marcus J (Assistant Coach Baseball/Event Manager)
8514Clark, Jonas E (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Clemens, Zachary A (Other Monthly Worker)
8514Cleveland, Jessica D (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Colling, David W (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Conner, Shayla K (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Conzemius, Kyle T (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Cotton, Romero J (Other Monthly Worker)
8514Currie, LaRose M (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Dealey, Kerri Z (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Dineen, Kevin P (Other Hourly Wkr)
8028Duple, Carole J (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Engelhaupt, Erica D (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Epley, Ethan M (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Ernst, Thomas (Tommy) J (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Fleck, Kira L (Other Hourly Wkr)
1563Francescato, Darrel A (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Frank, Cory J (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Frederick, Whitney D (Other Monthly Worker)
8514Garner, Michael (Mike) R (Other Hourly Wkr)
1563Glatter-White, Helen T (Other Hourly Wkr)
8330Green, Eva (Eve) M (Office Associate)
1563Green, Robert L (Volunteer)
8514Gross, Jeffrey M (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Hans, Margaret L (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Heiserman, Katlyn L (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Henry, Brooke A (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Hoeft, Lauren L (Other Hourly Wkr)
8038Holscher, Cale J (Assistant Coach, Strength & Conditioning)
8514Hughes, Baylee J (Other Hourly Wkr)
8519Hutsell, Stephanie (Steph) A (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514James, Kayla M (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Jensen, Andrew M (Other Monthly Worker)
8514Kozeal, Tyke T (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Krolikowski, Ariel K (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Kropp, Dominique C (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Kuntz, Kati L (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Lansman, Trey D (Other Hourly Wkr)
8038Larsen, Jon D (Head Coach Strength)
8501Lavicky, Spencer J (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Lee, Tawnia M (Other Hourly Wkr)
8330Lee, Victoria (Tori) R (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514LeFlore, Devontay A (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Leitner, Ashley M (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Lewis, Laramey L (Other Hourly Wkr)
8863Lundgren, Jaime L (Assoc Director Intercollegiate Athletics)
8514Lydiatt, Chad D (Director UNK Golf Academy)
8514Madison, Bernie (Bernie) D (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Marsh, Bronson E (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Martin, Anne (Other Hourly Wkr)
1563Martin, Phillip J (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Massanet, Mari Jo (MJ) (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Mayer, Joseph E (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514McKelvey, Scott C (Other Monthly Worker)
8514McLaughlin, Mark J (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Menagh, Riley A (Other Hourly Wkr)
8330Messbarger, Kelly M (Other Monthly Worker)
8514Miller, Cassandra N (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Mizner, Jena L (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Moncrief, Karmin B (Other Hourly Wkr)
8015Murphy, William (Asst Athletics Director-Sports Medicine)
8514Neilson, Taylor M (Other Hourly Wkr)
Nelson, Brenna N (Other Hourly Wkr)
8330Nicholson, Jack J (Other Monthly Worker)
8026Noah, Philip D (Equipment Room Manager)
8514Norberg, Carl D (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Osborn, Allen M (Other Monthly Worker)
8024Osmanski, Duane A (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Page, Rachael M (Accounting Technician)
8514Papa, Joshua J (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Pawloski, Ashtin N (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Peteranetz, Ty A (Other Hourly Wkr)
Phillips, Delanie R (Other Hourly Wkr)
8332Plinske, Paul M (Athletic Director)
8514Prososki, Carlie C (Other Hourly Wkr)
8028Rahmann, Myra L (Other Hourly Wkr)
1563Rayburn, Kathleen (Kathy) A (Other Hourly Wkr)
8330Rieber, Samantha R (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Rodine, Brian D (Other Hourly Wkr)
1563Rood, Amanda L (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Rosenberg, Guy J (Other Hourly Wkr)
1563Rutar, Larry J (Other Hourly Wkr)
8015Ryan, Whitney N (Asst Athletic Trainer)
8514Saulsbury, Troy C (Other Hourly Wkr)
1563Scheer, Kirsten R (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Scheil, Grace (Ali) AJ (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Seele, Erin R (Other Hourly Wkr)
8330Shafer, Scott T (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Sheldon, Riley A (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Sheridan, Fletcher (Fletch) K (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Shields, Tyler J (Other Monthly Worker)
8330Shoemaker, Tricia C (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Silver, Christina M (Other Hourly Wkr)
1501Smidt, Michelle R (Office Services Associate)
8514Smith, McKenzie (Kenzie) KL (Other Hourly Wkr)
8330Sokolowski, Bailey R (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Sokolowski, Katelyn M (Other Hourly Wkr)
8321Stutz, Roy J (Asst Athletic Trainer)
1563Stutzman, Steven (Steve) M (Ticket Manager/Asst Equipment Mgr)
8514Suhr, Gene H (Other Hourly Wkr)
8330Tekolste, Kinslie N (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Theodore, Rod (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Thiel, Justin M (Other Monthly Worker)
8514Thomas, Kaitlynn L (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Tobey, K D (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Trimble, Anita C (Other Hourly Wkr)
8330Trimble, Tealyn R (Other Monthly Worker)
8514Trosper, Taryn E (Other Monthly Worker)
8514Vornhagen, Kellee M (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Vrbka, Mikala J (Other Hourly Wkr)
1563Walkowiak, Jeri L (Other Hourly Wkr)
Weber, Katelyn (Katie) A (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Wheeler, Cody A (Other Hourly Wkr)
Wolfe, Anne (Annie) C (Other Hourly Wkr)
8514Woodyard, Kalen W (Other Hourly Wkr)
8028Wright, Aaron K (Business Management Analyst)
8334Yazvac, Peter A (Asst Athletic Director/Media Relations)
International Education
8575Bartels, Dorann L (ELI Educator)
Carstenson, Renee S (Other Monthly Worker)
8575Cruz, Elisa M (ELI Educator)
8246Estes, Barbara (Barb) A (Business Manager)
8873Falconer, Tracy S (International Services Advisor)
8575George, Lisa D (ELI Educator)
8129Goodell, Monica E (Lecturer)
8835Heimer, Jayne M (ELI Educator)
Kennedy, Kimberly M (ELI Educator)
8575Konecny, Cora L (ELI Educator)
8655Larson, Dixie R (Other Monthly Worker)
8292Larson, Kennard (Ken) G (Director of NE Study Abroad Program)
8903Lillyman, Rebecca A (ELI Educator)
8575Luscher, Diana L (ELI Educator)
8830Martin, Linda L (ELI Educator)
8903Montag, Beth K (ELI Educator)
8944Park, Ann Marie (Study Abroad Advisor)
8246Park, Young Jun (Volunteer)
8904Parra, Maria (Camila) C (Enrollment and Recruitment Specialist)
8939Payne, Bonnie (Outreach Coordinator)
8497Petersen, Elin J (ELI Educator)
8575Snider, N Ann (ELI Educator)
8246Stopford, Michael J (Asst Vice Chancellor for Int'l Affairs)
8830Terry, Millisa B (ELI Educator)
8835Volpe, Laurel A (ELI Educator)
8246Walters, Kathryn A (ELI Educator)
8836Zhang, Gui-Jie (1+2+1 Program Coordinator)
8947FAX (English Language Institute)
8947FAX (International Studies)
8947FAX (Student Services)
8947FAX (Study Abroad)
International Student Services
8946Sullwold, Corliss K (Coordinator of Immigration)
International Studies Program
1549Wiedenman, Eric M (Coordinator, Campus Recreation)
Kinesiology & Sports Sciences
8177Abbey, Bryce M (Assistant Professor)
8727Adkins, Megan M (Assistant Professor)
8331Akehi, Kazuma (Assistant Professor)
8640Amundson, Barbara A (Senior Lecturer)
8331Andersen, Ronda R (Lecturer)
8335Arellano-Unruh, Juanita (Nita) C (Chair, Professor)
8179Bartee, Roderick Todd (Professor)
8331Benavides, David A (Adjunct Faculty)
8052Bice, Matthew R (Assistant Professor)
8333Brown, Gregory A (Professor)
8331Butierres, Mickeal (Mike) D (Other Hourly Wkr (HPER))
8331Carey, Jon D (Lecturer)
8331Crockett, Heber C (Adjunct Faculty)
8331Dennis, Doug A (Other Hourly Wkr (HPER))
8015English, Kathleen (Kathy) A (Lecturer)
1732Feikert, Melanie M (Office Associate)
8331Fleshman, Tami L (Lecturer)
8331Franzen, Cari A (Lecturer)
8331Fritzen, Jason T (Lecturer)
8331Fu, You (Asst Professor)
8180George, Kaiti D (Other Hourly (Grants))
8180Heelan, Catherine (Kate) A (Professor)
8020Hoffman, James (Scott) S (Lecturer)
8331Johns, Ronald D (Adjunct Faculty)
8331Jurgensen, Carleen (Office Associate)
8331Kim, Young Do (Asst Professor)
8331Kitabatake, Yuji (Lecturer)
8331Koch, Kelli K (Adjunct Faculty)
8021Kropp, Tom (Assistant Professor)
8331Limbach, Charles G (Adjunct Faculty)
8626Moorman, Marta K (Professor)
8331O'Brien, Kyle T (Lecturer)
8331Oliver, Taryn E (Other Hourly Wkr (HPER))
(308) 237-7943Purdy, Randall E (Volunteer)
8331Rasbeck, Rebecca N (Other Hourly Wkr (HPER))
8331Rodgers, Brad D (Lecturer)
8645Scantling, Eve Fereira (Senior Lecturer)
8331Shea, Sanae N (Lecturer)
8601Sheridan, Terese (Terri) A (Senior Lecturer)
8331Slawski, Daniel P (Adjunct Faculty)
8627Unruh, Scott A (Professor)
8331Wright, John M (Adjunct Faculty)
Learning Commons
8728Arnold, Lynn M (Office Associate)
8728Breight, Heather J (Other Hourly Wkr)
8578Hanson, Erik W (Other Hourly Wkr)
8578Hargon, Patrick F (Asst Dir Writing Ctr/Learning Commons)
8578Pearson, Keri A (Academic Peer Tutoring & Assessment Spec)
Learning Strategies
8997Yentes, Shelley J (Counselor, Student Svcs)
8091Bartak-Jensen, Autumn E (Technical Services Assistant)
8067Burkey, Helen (Accounting Clerk)
8274Doubet, Samuel R (Workstation Support Specialist)
8598Freeman, Kathleen (Kate) B (Library Services Associate)
8648Fries, Lavonne R (Library Serials Assistant)
8599Gutierrez Gomez, Maria D (Student Worker (Circulation))
8589Heater, Mary (Library Acquisitions Associate)
8721Heidenreich, Sheryl (Library ILL/DD/Distance Educ/Assoc Prof)
8598Hyatt, Taylor W (Library Access Services Assistant)
8598Jensen, Michael A (Library Access Services Associate)
8819Kofoed, Sharon L (Library Curriculum Associate)
8594Kramer, Alta M (Library ILL/DD Associate)
8276Krueger, Rochelle A (Curriculum Librarian/Asst Prof)
8535Lewis, Colleen (Administrative Associate)
8587Mendoza, Anthanett C (Diversity Specialist/Lecturer)
8853Mueller, Susan M (Coord Collection Services/Assoc Prof)
8542Powell, Julia M (Government Documents Librarian/Asst Prof)
8585Ritterbush, Jon R (Library Electron Res/Ser Mgr/Assoc Prof)
8598Rogers, Lacey B (Library Access Services Assistant)
8091Schultz, Jeanne D (Library Cataloging Associate)
8591Sinor, Sally C (Project Archivist)
8648Stall, Julie A (Library Serials Associate)
8544Sutherland, Michael J (Web Services Librarian/Asst Prof)
8597Urwiller, Dee A (Library Head of Access Services)
8593Weisse, Laurinda L (Archives Librarian/Asst Professor)
8546Wilke, Janet Stoeger (Dean of the Library)
8313Wilson, Glenda (Coordinator ILS)
8592Wirtz, Ronald L (Coord User Svc/Asst Dir Learning Commons)
8452FAX -- Interlibrary Loan
8515Bierman, David J (Lecturer)
8515Bjornsen, Curtis L (Lecturer)
8869Fleig-Palmer, Michelle (Associate Professor)
8515Godsey, Monica L (Lecturer)
8003Hodge, Kay A (Professor)
8189Jensen, Susan M (Professor)
8366Konecny, Ron (Professor)
8113Luthans, Kyle W (Chair, Professor)
8164Messersmith, Jake G (Associate Professor)
8574Palmer, David K (Professor)
8678Palmer, Noel F (Assistant Professor)
8185Stewart, Kathryn (Kathy) M (Associate Professor)
8515Wayman, Barbara L (Office Associate)
Marketing & MIS
8468Abegglen, Nicholas J (Lecturer)
1548Agrawal, Vijay K (Professor)
8468Behnke, Philip H (Lecturer)
8022Benson, Gregory E (Assistant Professor)
8174Broekemier, Gregory (Greg) M (Chair, Professor)
8350Chau, Ngan N (Assistant Professor)
8468Hall, Larry R (Lecturer)
8478Moffett, Maurice (Dave) D (Senior Lecturer)
8468Nourse, Debra (Deb) J (Office Associate)
8621Schulz, Heather M (Assistant Professor)
8190Seshadri, Srivatsa (Sri) (Professor)
8347Taylor, Allen (Ross) R (Associate Professor)
8468Wall, Ronald S (Lecturer)
8345Yeagley, Marsha K (Senior Lecturer)
Mathematics & Statistics
8978Carraher, James M (Assistant Professor)
8994Cruz-Cota, Aldo-Hilario (Assistant Professor)
8553Ford, Pari L (Assistant Professor)
8635Hein, Nickolas J (Assistant Professor)
8552Hossain, Syed A (Professor)
8494Huang, Jia (Assistant Professor)
8494Johnston, Julieta O (Lecturer)
8532Kime, Katherine A (Associate Professor)
8994May, Maurice K (Lecturer)
8634Michener, Margaret A (Senior Lecturer)
8531Mitchell, Ashley M (Office Associate)
8643Nebesniak, Amy L (Assistant Professor)
Ramirez-Rosas, Teresita (Lecturer)
8550Reifenrath, Patricia J (Senior Lecturer)
8633Sorensen, Kaye M (Senior Lecturer)
8551Weiss, Jacob J (Associate Professor)
8868Willis, Barton (Chair, Professor)
MBA Program
8346Spiers, Shannon F (Office Associate)
Mens Baseball
(308) 627-1146Day, Damon D (Head Coach - Baseball)
(308) 627-1146Hodges, Christopher D (Asst Coach Baseball)
Mens Basketball
8053Lofton, Kevin L (Co-Head Coach Men's Basketball)
Mens Golf
8028Bernt, Wesley (Asst Coach Golf)
Mens Tennis
8024Saulsbury, Jake W (Head Coach - Tennis)
Mens Track
1630Bonsall, Brady I (Head Coach Track/Cross Country)
8070Fellows, Ross L (Asst Track Coach)
Polacek, Lonny F (Asst Coach Track)
Mens Wrestling
8019Bauer, Marc D (Head Coach - Wrestling)
8514Jensen, Dalton J (Assistant Coach, Wrestling)
Military Science
8093Christmas, Anthony S (Instructor)
8093Steinbach, Jeremie D (Instructor)
8093Walcott, Cory L (Instructor)
Modern Languages
8050Brech, Franziska B (Lecturer)
8965Chavez, Xavier A (Lecturer)
8536DeFreece, Cherie J (Office Associate)
8493Dettman, Jonathan C (Assistant Professor)
8874Goldberg, Rosalie J (Lecturer)
8536Hadley, Valentyna V (Lecturer)
8051Hart, Anita (Professor)
8675Jochum, Chris J (Associate Professor)
8471Kropp, Sonja Dams (Chair, Associate Professor)
8619Monterroso, Angela M (Lecturer)
8536Roos, Robert B (Lecturer)
8536Seeba, Michelle L (Lecturer)
8521Snider, Daren P (Associate Professor)
1551Vera Hidalgo, Rodolfo A (Lecturer)
8536Warren, Michelle L (Assistant Professor)
8127Guzman, Juan C (Director Multi-Cultural)
8127Holen, Jenny L (Office Associate)
8127Mueller, Monica R (Asst Director Multi-cultural)
Museum of Nebraska Art
8559Abell, Jacqueline P (Director of Educational Programming)
8559Dachtler, Kelley S (Education Director)
8538Dolbee, Michael D (MONA Membership Coordinator)
8973Erpelding, Russ (ARTreach Coordinator)
8870Garden, Gina M (Marketing Coordinator)
8559Hardesty, Carol J (MONA Membership Coordinator)
8968Hartman, Melissa J (MONA Membership Coordinator)
8559Humphrey-McBride, Karen E (Development Director)
8303Jacobson, Barbara (Jean) J (Collection Coordinator)
8165Kauders, Audrey S (Director/Curator of MONA)
Norblade, Jill M (MONA Membership Coordinator)
8970Ott, Abbi G (MONA Membership Coordinator)
8974Rodriguez, Teliza V (Curator)
8559Rolfes, Ivy J (Operations Manager)
Music & Performing Arts
8607Alber, Brian W (Assistant Professor)
8618Bauer, Ann Y (Other Hourly Wkr)
8609Bauer, David A (Professor)
8607Bierman, Duane A (Assistant Professor)
8608Buckner, Nathan A (Professor)
8118Campbell, Sharon O (Associate Professor)
8618Cannon, David L (Office Associate)
8041Chen, Ting-Lan (Professor)
8618Cisler, Valerie C (Professor)
8611Cook, James M (Professor)
8618Curry, Nancy J (Other Hourly Wkr)
8642DeFilippis, Dayna A (Lecturer)
8632Donofrio, Anthony J (Assistant Professor)
8618Farrell, Heidi R (Lecturer)
8618Farrell, Timothy P (Chair, Professor)
8632Fletcher, Seth D (Senior Lecturer)
8610Foradori, Anne (Professor)
8613Freedman Rhodes, Deborah (Associate Professor)
8608Harriott, Janette (Associate Professor)
8618Hughey-Batley, Elizabeth A (Other Hourly Wkr)
8041Jahn, Eileen M (Lecturer)
8119Johnson, Michael (Mick) J (Piano Technician)
8632Mitchell, Darleen L (Lecturer)
8618Musick, Marilyn J (Lecturer)
8606Nabb, David B (Professor)
8618Olin Rall, Adrienne M (Other Hourly Wkr)
8614Rogoff, Noah T (Assoc Professor)
8618Sales, Gregory (Greg) T (Lecturer)
8618Tincher, Brenda M (Lecturer)
8610White, Andrew R (Associate Professor)
Natural & Social Sciences
8881Holen, Peggy (Peg) J (Office Associate)
8518Jones, Dannien (Administrative Associate)
8518La Duke, John C (Dean Natural/Social Sciences)
8915Sogar, Kenny (Workstation Support Specialist)
Nebraska Business & Development CNTR
8344Ingersoll, Otis (Odee) D (Director Nebraska Business & Development)
8344McMillan, Sara Ann (NBDC Consultant)
Nebraska Safety Center
8256Amen, Katherine A (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Anderson, Edward R (3rd Party Tester/Teacher)
8256Anderson, Mickie D (Operations Manager)
8256Banzhaf, Kurt G (Other Monthly Worker)
8755Barth, Marshall J (Consumer Safety Manager)
8267Bauer, Ricky J (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Bock-Itzen, Roberta D (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Bredenkamp, Rodney E (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Brown, Kyle J (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Carlton, Andrew J (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Casper, Dean S (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Cronin, Jamie L (Other Monthly Worker)
Davis, James (Jim) F (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Detlefsen, Anna L (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Dietz, Christopher A (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Duerksen, Allen J (Other Monthly Worker)
8258Dunn, Mark A (NE Safety Center Volunteer)
8256Elliott, Gary A (NE Safety Center Volunteer)
8258Engel, Tory C (NE Safety Center Volunteer)
8256Falk, Andrew (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Friberg, Gerald V (Other Monthly Worker)
8258Harders, Jeffrey A (NE Safety Center Volunteer)
8256Harmon, Jeremiah J (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Hayes, Joseph W (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Hendrickson, Forrest J (Other Monthly Worker)
(308) 856-8256Henne, Janet L (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Henne, Jeffrey L (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Hinrichs, Trish L (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Hoagland, Wyatt (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Kasson, Charles W (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Keith, DeAnn C (Office Assistant)
8256Kellough, Kirk D (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Krahmer, Etta Mae (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Kramer, Karen S (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Lewis, Marlen L (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Lindly, Kevin R (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Lottman, Brent E (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Madsen, Ann M (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Martenson, James S (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Mead, Bradley S (Other Monthly Worker)
(308) 868-8256Mehlin, Kerry S (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Mihm, Andrew S (Other Monthly Worker)
8755Moore Jr, Thomas A (Other Monthly Worker)
8267Morris, Darla (Business Manager Analyst)
8256Mousel, James A (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Neeman, Jonathan R (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Olson, Ethan W (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Reier, Mary B (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Saalfeld, Paul O (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Schmidt, Larry M (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Sheldon, Jeremy E (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Simon, Kristin J (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Skarka, Lori A (Safety Center Transportation Trainer)
8256Slattery, Janessa L (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Smith, Jeff M (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Soukup, Roberta A (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Soule, David R (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Stonebarger, Clinton E (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Telecky, Martin D (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Thomason, Ricky L (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Thompson, Dick D (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Wagner, William (Will) T (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Waugh, Kevin M (Other Monthly Worker)
8258Weston, Allison J (NE Safety Center Volunteer)
8256Whitten, Thomas W (Other Monthly Worker)
8256Wrede, Clarence C (Other Monthly Worker)
Office of the Chancellor
8222James, Kayla (Internal Auditor)
8208Klemme, Neva M (Office Associate)
8208Kristensen, Douglas A (Chancellor)
8208Mathiesen, Beverly J (Executive Associate)
8208McBride, Jon L (Special Assistant to the Chancellor)
8208Schnoor, Neal H (Sr Advisor to Chancellor for Exec Affrs)
8298Fendt, Eugene (Gene) J (Chair, Professor)
8249Lee, John D (Lecturer)
8298Martin, Thomas Scott (Chair, Professor)
8298Rozema, David (Chair, Professor)
Physics & Physical Science
8277Glomski, Daniel G (Other Monthly Worker)
8277Jensen, Adam G (Assistant Professor)
8145Lazarova, Mariana S (Assistant Professor)
8283Mena-Werth, Jose L (Professor)
8277Powell, William L (Assistant Professor)
8280Reece, Timothy J (Assistant Professor)
8277Steele, Elizabeth K (Office Associate)
8278Trantham, Kenneth W (Chair, Associate Professor)
8277Wessels, Laura R (Assistant Professor)
Police and Parking Services
8517Adams, Dawn G (Lieutenant)
8517Alexander, Nicholas (Nick) L (Other Hourly Wkr (Special Events))
8517Arner, Travis D (Police Officer)
8517Beckenhauer, Timothy D (Other Hourly Wkr (Special Events))
8517Benson, Gregory P (Other Hourly Wkr (Special Events))
8517Butler, Bradley P (Other Hourly Wkr (Special Events))
8517Cordova, Ralph (Tony) A (Other Hourly Wkr (Special Events))
8517Eichholz, Theodore H (Police Officer)
8517Fast, Ricci J (Investigations & Education Sergeant)
8517Fuller, Jason (Jay) L (Other Hourly Wkr (Special Events))
8367Garrelts, Nancy K (Office Associate)
8517Hamaker, Michelle L (Director Police and Parking Services)
8367Heinowski, Wilma J (Parking Services Coordinator)
8517Hibberd, Terry L (Other Hourly Wkr (Special Events))
8517Hummel, Kelly R (Other Hourly Wkr (Special Events))
8517Humphrey, David W (Other Hourly Wkr (Special Events))
8517Kottwitz, Michael L (Police Officer)
8517McDougall, Kareem M (Police Officer)
8517Monthey, Shane R (Patrol Sergeant)
8517Oreshkov, Nedko R (Other Hourly Wkr (Special Events))
8517Ristine, Ramey C (Other Hourly Wkr (Special Events))
8517Roberts, Matthew L (Police Officer)
8517Schleusener, Daniel J (Other Hourly Wkr (Special Events))
8517Stahly, Peter C (Police Officer)
8517Valenzuela, Ephraim T (Other Hourly Wkr (Special Events))
8517Young, Jamey D (Other Hourly Wkr (Special Events))
8517Young, Matthew D (Other Hourly Wkr (Special Events))
8517Young, Michael B (Other Hourly Wkr (Special Events))
8517Zimbelman, Cindy L (Office Associate)
Political Science
8776Aviles, William (Professor)
8506Blanchard, Mary Kay (Office Associate)
8759Blauwkamp, Joan M (Professor)
8758Duffin, Diane L (Chair, Associate Professor)
8039Longo, Peter J (Professor)
8629Louishomme, Claude A (Associate Professor)
1555Machida, Satoshi (Associate Professor)
8724Maloyed, Christie L (Assistant Professor)
8171Rowling, Charles (Chuck) M (Assistant Professor)
8238Benz, Joseph (Joe) J (Professor)
8196Coleman, Justin T (Assistant Professor)
8235Ellingson, Deanna (Dee) D (Office Associate)
8192Forrest, Krista D (Professor)
8247Fritson, Krista K (Professor)
8235Hill, Evan M (Assistant Professor)
8252Mandernach, Beryl (Jean) J (Lecturer)
8236Mosig, Dirk (Yozan) W (Professor)
8237Rycek, Robert F (Professor)
8235Strain Waples, Megan L (Assistant Professor)
8240Wadkins, Theresa A (Chair, Professor)
8242Wozniak, William (Bill) J (Professor)
Residence Life
4820Allbright, Matthew D (Residence Life Complex Director)
8519Clausen, LeAnn L (Asst Director Residence Life)
8519Hanshaw, Alisha C (Assoc Director Residence Life)
8519Heiden, Sandra K (Office Associate)
8519Ondrovic, Rebecca (Business Manager)
4800Sutherland, Karen D (Workstation Support Specialist)
8519Wells, Melissa D (Residence Hall Complex Director)
8519Zbikowski, Robert M (Residence Hall Complex Director)
Social Work
8739Exstrom, Suzanne R (Office Associate)
8739Gage, Lauren (Ashley) A (Assistant Professor)
8739Sogar, Christina A (Assistant Professor)
8738Stuehm, Nadine J (Senior Lecturer)
8753VanLaningham, Jody L (Associate Professor)
8741Younes, Maha N (Chair, Professor)
8739Young, James A (Assistant Professor)
Sociology Geography & Earth Sciences
8682Bauer, John T (Associate Professor)
8357Boken, Vijendra (Professor)
8761Borchard, Kurt (Professor)
8683Burger, Paul R (Professor)
8605Combs, Harry J (Chair, Professor)
8754Dakan, Mary (Eileen) E (Lecturer)
8681Dillon, Jeremy S (Associate Professor)
8355Eidem, Nathan (Nate) T (Lecturer)
8505Engel, Matthew R (Lecturer)
8505Fitzgerald, Kristin A (Lecturer)
8760Glazier, Stephen D (Professor)
8505Hain, Anna J (Lecturer)
8762Kelley, Daryl G (Professor)
8804Loughrin, Sandra M (Assistant Professor)
8763Maughan, Suzanne L (Chair, Associate Professor)
8505Vierk, Valerie (Office Associate)
Sponsored Programs & Rsch Dev
8481Holcomb, Dianne M (Asst Director Sponsored Programs)
8496Mocarski, Richard A (Director Sponsored Programs)
8496Rayburn, Wilma (Billy) J (Office Associate)
Student Affairs
8528Brown, Lynette A (Administrative Associate)
8528Hinga, Gilbert (Dean Student Affairs)
8528Weiss, Lonna (Administrative Associate)
Student Center/Union
8523Bloesser, Jordan M (Office Supervisor)
8523Danube, Tim (Assoc Dir Student Union-Activies/Orgs)
8909Emal, Jamie L (Directory Asst Svcs Supervisor)
8398Matthies, Laura A (Asst Dir Student Activities-Stdt Events)
(308) 965-8523McCarty, Sara (Other Hourly Wkr)
8523Mortensen, Lacy J (Other Hourly Wkr)
8523Pelc, Sharon (Director, Student Life)
8908Poppe, Brooke E (Office Associate)
8523Sauer, Dru H (Other Hourly Wkr)
8154Zimmer, Stephen P (Office Associate)
Student Life
1619Benitz, Brandon J (Assistant Dean)
Student Records
8527Barton, Bobbi L (Enrollment Evaluator)
8527Bishop, Jessica S (Enrollment Evaluator)
8527Jacobson, Staci D (Education Records Assessor)
8443Jones, Diana L (Assoc Director Student Records)
8527Klimek, Margaret O (Education Records Assessor)
8527Loveless, Anita E (Education Records Assessor)
8527Parker, Janelle E (Education Records Assessor)
8527Prascher, Glenda (Other Hourly Wkr)
8527Roach, Cami S (Education Records Assessor)
8527Schipporeit, Kimra F (Director Student Records/Registration)
8527Schroeder, Cyndi L (Coordinator Student Records)
8527Seitler, Kimberly (Kim) K (Asst Registrar)
8227Tadlock, Laura A (Administrative Specialist)
Student Support Services
8988Harvey, Rashawn D (Asst Director Student Support Serv)
8988Hyatt, Laura L (Counselor, Student Svcs)
8988Marshall, Kristi A (Office Assistant)
8988Reid, Elizabeth A (Office Associate)
8988Walton, Janel M (Counselor, Student Services)
Teacher Education
8556Agard, Julia (Julie) Ann (Assistant Professor)
8825Anderson, Betty J (Student Teacher Supervisor)
8971Anderson, Kenneth E (Chair, Associate Professor)
8513Bartling, Sarah EG (Office Associate)
8513Baumbach, Lynda S (Student Teacher Supervisor)
8056Black, Chilene L (Project Coordinator)
8511Bruner, Patricia K (Lecturer)
8513Bunner, Charles J (Lecturer)
8127Chavez Nuncio, Yolanda K (Lecturer)
8211Coakley, Linda Y (Lecturer)
8513Cook, Janice B (Student Teacher Supervisor)
8540Crow, Sheryl R (Associate Professor)
8957Curry, Laurie-Ann (AmeriCorps)
8513Dostal, Jay R (Lecturer)
8353Earls, Jennifer E (Asst Professor)
8056Ference, Christie A (Other Monthly Worker)
8513Fisher, Christine E (Lecturer)
8937Fjell, Michael J (Student Teacher Supervisor)
8833Fredrickson, Scott (Professor)
8813Gaskill, Martonia C (Assistant Professor)
8056Gildea, Penny L (Other Monthly Worker)
8513Gleason, Stephen L (Lecturer)
8825Hague, Donald W (Other Monthly Worker)
8513Hale, Stanley (Stan) J (Student Teacher Supervisor)
8537Hansen, Tommy (Tom) L (Associate Professor)
8914Harshbarger, Dena K (Assistant Professor)
8416Hoesly, Dan L (Student Teacher Supervisor)
8513Holt, Mary C (Student Teacher Supervisor)
8328Jochum, Dara C (Lecturer)
8416Knipping, Ann M (Senior Lecturer)
8339Knoell, Christopher M (Assoc Professor)
8181Kracl, Carrie L (Associate Professor)
8329Kritzer, Jeffrey B (Associate Professor)
8056Kvasnicka, Diane K (Lecturer)
8825Lenhard, Rodger W (Other Monthly Worker)
8805Lilienthal, Linda K (Assistant Professor)
8362Limbach, Mary (Catie) C (Other Monthly Worker)
8513Lindblad, Susan G (Lecturer)
8547Matyo-Cepero, Judith (Jude) A (Assistant Professor)
8074McCarty, Wendy L (Associate Professor)
8513McClemens, Jeanne C (Student Teacher Supervisor)
8513McCollough, Margaret (Lecturer)
8513McPherron, Michael K (Lecturer)
8513Mishou, Robert F (Summer Faculty)
8513Moeller, Lynn (Lecturer)
8362Mollenkopf, Dawn L (Associate Professor)
1546Montgomery, Donna J (Associate Professor)
8513Naprstek, Dale (Student Teacher Supervisor)
Nash, Martha E (Other Monthly Worker)
8513Nielsen, Diane (Lecturer)
8456Nyffeler, Roger A (Director UNK Network of Partner Schools)
8513Pile, William J (Lecturer)
8813Potthoff, Dennis E (Professor)
8513Ramsey, Jeanette M (Lecturer)
8825Rehtus, Kimberly K (Office Associate)
8513Richeson, Angela C (Lecturer)
8362Rischling, Shawna M (Other Monthly Worker)
8937Roberts, Barbara (Barb) S (Lecturer)
8513Saulsbury, Ashley E (Lecturer)
8937Seifried, Donald C (Student Teacher Supervisor)
8930Siegal, Miriam (Lecturer)
8328Slaughter, Joy L (Lecturer)
8513Spencer, Margaret (Marge) J (Student Teacher Supervisor)
8957Stirtz, Geraldine E (Senior Lecturer)
8958Strawhecker, Jane E (Chair, Professor)
8825Sullivan, Kevin Daniel (Student Teacher Supervisor)
8513Tegethoff, Manette S (Student Teacher Supervisor)
8142Thompson, Paula J (Assistant Professor)
8513Tickle, Dean O (Lecturer)
8937Townsend, David L (Student Teacher Supervisor)
8821Tracy, Glenn E (Associate Professor)
8513VanMeter, Steve M (Student Teacher Supervisor)
8833Varvisotis, Stathene (Assistant Professor)
8825Volker, Mary C (Office Associate)
8513Vu, Phu H (Assistant Professor)
8691West, Camie S (Lecturer)
8613Wojcik, Brian W (Assistant Professor)
8815Ziebarth-Bovill, Jane (Associate Professor)
8406Deiger, Susan KI (Office Associate)
8414DeLorm, Michael (Del) J (Lecturer)
8670Fronczak, Janice (Professor)
8409Garrison, Jack (Associate Professor)
8896Himmerich, Darin V (Assistant Professor)
8919Ice, Sara C (Senior Lecturer)
Thompson Scholar Lrng Comm
8364Harvey, Jennifer (Jen) J (Director, Thompson Scholars)
8364Seeba, Scott H (Assoc Director Thompson Scholar Lrng Com)
8364Tarvestad, Tiffany P (Office Associate)
8616Zheng, Chuanyao (Learning Community Academic Advisor)
UN Foundation/Alumni Association
8474Dart, Lucas W (Vice President of Alumni Relations & Dev)
Ernest, Jennifer (Jennie) R (Alumni Association Affiliate)
(308) 698-5270Hoffman, Lisa K (Executive Assistant)
(308) 698-5270Howard, Kristin K (Director of Annual Campaigns)
(308) 698-8527Jura, Dustin (Dusty) L (Director of Development)
(402) 326-8390Kotsiopulos, Peter G (Senior Director of Development)
(308) 698-5270McConkey, Anne M (Director of Development)
8474Meyers, Antoinette (Toni) L (Administrative Assistant)
(308) 698-5270Miller, Laura (Information Systems Coordinator)
Sjuts, Amanda M (Alumni Association Affiliate)
Utilities Services
1800Anderson, Bradley S (HVAC Technician)
1800Arnold, Sean E (Utility Operator)
(308) 440-3363Badura, Toby L (Manager, Utility Plant)
1800Baumgartner, Joshua M (Utility Operator)
1800Begnoche, Mathew J (Utility Operator)
1800Brown, Clayton T (HVAC Technician)
1800Chism, Rick D (Plumber)
1800Frederick, Paul J (Volunteer)
1800Lamkin, James M (Utility Operator)
1800McMahon, Patrick J (Utility Operator)
1800Naber, Eric D (Refrig Control Tech)
1800Robinson, Brian R (Utility Operator)
Video Services
8061Bartling, Timothy R (Video Services Manager)
8271Fuller, Wayne L (Video Engineer)
WC Computer Lab
8659Klein, Steven H (Workstation Support Specialist)
Womens Basketball
8071Becker, Megan A (Asst Coach Womens Basketball)
8030Chaney, Kevin E (Head Coach - Womens Basketball)
Womens Golf
8514Mayo, Brett J (Asst Coach Golf)
Womens Soccer
8193Maessner, John M (Head Coach - Womens Soccer)
Womens Softball
8010Carnes, Holly A (Head Coach - Softball)
8514Martin, Craig A (Asst Coach Softball - Pitching)
8514O'Donnell, Lester (Asst Coach Softball - Pitching)
Womens Swimming
8024Osmanski, Teresa L (Head Coach - Swimming)
Womens Volleyball
1583Refenes, Amy D (Asst Coach Volleyball)
8031Squiers, Richard D (Head Coach - Volleyball)