Mercury Transit

November 11, 2019
06:35 AM - 12:05 PM
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Bruner Hall of Science
On Monday November 11th, the planet Mercury will transit across the Sun. During a planetary transit, a planet crosses over our field of view of the Sun. This event is similar to an eclipse, but since only a small portion of the Sun is obscured at any time it is not as easily noticed or observed without specialized safety equipment. This transit will begin at approximately 6:35 AM local time and end at 12:04 PM. Sunrise will be at 7:18 AM that day, and the transiting Mercury will be visible shortly after sunrise. If weather permits, UNK’s department of Physics and Astronomy department will have Solar observing telescopes available for those interested in viewing this event. The next Mercury transit will not be until 2032.
Dr. Joel Berrier
(308) 865-8282