How Do I Transfer? An Online Student’s Guide

Posted: October 2, 2018 4:30:00 PM CDT

Perhaps you’ve earned general education credits at a community college and now you’ve decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Or maybe you started a degree years ago and want to pick up where you left off by taking online classes while you continue to work.

We know the thought of transferring college credits can be very stressful, so at the University of Nebraska at Kearney eCampus, we work with transfer students on a daily basis to make the process easier. Whatever your educational background, you can use this guide as you consider transferring into an online undergraduate program at UNK.

Getting Started

What to transfer. The first thing to remember when transferring is to submit everything that you can. Even if it’s been 15 years since you attended a community college to take a few classes, request those transcripts. Transferring those classes may save you from repeating classes, which in turn can save you time and money. 

When to transfer. You may be transferring in several credits and be near graduation. Although there are rules that apply for transfer credits, there is no incorrect time to transfer. “There isn’t a right or wrong time to start with online programs,” said Tom Knott, UNK associate director of transfer transitions. “UNK has done a great job to intentionally design those to help students be as immediately successful in them as possible. From a program standpoint, there is a clarity of A + B = C, which is important because students are bringing in varying levels of higher education credit and time and money spent, so it’s important to know what you are signing up for.” 

UNK Transfer Rules

The rules you should keep in mind as a transfer student are as follows:

  1. Credit hours earned with a minimum grade of “C” at institutions outside of the University of Nebraska will be accepted in transfer. All grades and credit earned at any campus of the University of Nebraska since July 1, 1991 will be transferred to UNK and applied to the student’s University grade point average.
  2. All credit hours transferable are converted to semester credit hours (e.g., one quarter hour equals 2/3 of a semester credit hour).
  3. Grades earned at institutions outside the University of Nebraska do not become a part of the student’s UNK cumulative grade point average.
  4. Total semester credit hours transferred from each institution previously attended are recorded on the student’s UNK transcript. (Note: A maximum of 66 semester credit hours may be transferred from two-year junior or community colleges.)
  5. The last 30 of 36 credit hours you take prior to graduation must be taken at UNK.


Steps for Transferring to UNK
  1. Complete and Submit Your Online Application
    • Fill out this application form, which is intended for transfer students applying to an online undergraduate program at UNK.
  1. Pay Your Application Fee Online
    • The application fee is $45 (if you are transferring from within the University of Nebraska system, then the application fee is waived).
  1. Submit the Following:
    • Official high school transcripts
    • Official college transcripts from every institution attended (if transferring from within the University of Nebraska system, you must complete this Change of Campus form. The original institution you attended will then send your high school transcript as well as the transcript from their university.

Resources for Transfer Students

Transferring can be less stressful with these resources and staff available to help you at UNK.

The UNK Transfer Guide is a helpful tool that potential transfer students can use to identify which classes they’ve taken at other colleges and universities will transfer to UNK. The guide is especially helpful for those bringing in a large amount of transfer credits. Students transferring from partnering community colleges in Nebraska can use the guide to determine how their General Studies credits will apply as well as find pathways for other degrees at UNK. 

The Registrar’s Office will work with you through the transcript evaluation process so you feel confident about how your completed coursework will transfer to UNK.

An Online Coordinator in the degree field you are considering will help you through the transfer and admission process. They will also be your advisor throughout your education at UNK, assisting with any question or problem that may arise.


Contact Information

Reach out to UNK eCampus with any questions you may have about transferring into online bachelor’s degrees. Give us a call at 1.800.865.6388 or email

By: Stacey Schwarz

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