5 Apps for Productivity

Posted: September 25, 2018 3:15:00 PM CDT

5 must have Apps for productivityWhether you’re an online or on-campus student, you’re probably studying wherever you can, when you can. This also means you may encounter a fair amount of distractions. To help, the University of Nebraska at Kearney has compiled a list of the top apps of 2018 to help with your productivity.

This list focuses on apps that are compatible on multiple platforms and/or in web browsers.

Evernote Suite

Evernote is an app ideal for practically anyone. It offers a suite of productivity apps that work with each other for a unique experience. This is one of the best note taking apps available with a package that includes Evernote, Clearly, Penultimate, and many more. You can highlight any content on a web page, and Evernote will save the clips automatically to a searchable document. You can also upload photos, links, or any other web content that will assist you on current projects. All your information can be synced on all current devices you might be using, making it convenient to work at home or on the go. 


Trello is a user-friendly app that serves as a platform for managing, sharing, and organizing everything from simple to major projects. The application functions as a simple drag-and-drop method that allows you to create cards onto a Trello board. The cards represent tasks, with all the content you need located inside the card along with deadline notifications you create. You can also attach files, making it a one-stop shop for all your projects.

In addition to the capabilities users have with the free version, you can add third-party power-ups that add additional features to your Trello board.


Unstuck is an in-the-moment digital coach that is useful when you’re dealing with other obligations and experiencing a learning block. This app helps you see and solve situations with provocative questions, tools, and tips. You can explore how you are currently feeling and Unstuck will help you re-focus on the task at hand. This app is perfect for students who can get distracted easily and are prone to procrastinating.


Pocket, winner of the Webby Award for Best Productivity App of 2014, is useful when you’re researching for a project and need to save your findings for later. It allows you to save and organize web content and files. Everything in the app is sharable via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. Content saved can also be viewed while you’re offline, making it easier to study wherever you are.

University App

Check out your current university and download their featured app. It can be a valuable tool when it comes to keeping yourself updated on events happening within the university. It’s also a great source of contact information, university links, grading portals, and any other resources that you will need while enrolled. 

To start today, search “UNK” in your app store to download the University of Nebraska at Kearney’s mobile application.

By: Dylan Munson

Category: General, eCampus

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