Tips for a Stress-Free Start to Fall Semester

Posted: August 21, 2018 9:00:00 AM CDT

Stress Free Start to Fall SemesterWhether you’re new to college or returning for the next school year, managing stress is key to starting your semester with confidence. At the University of Nebraska at Kearney, there are many services and resources to help you succeed in on-campus or online courses—but feelings of worry and stress can still creep in.

Here are some ways to start your fall semester strong—and as close to stress-free as possible.

Read the entire course syllabus.

Your professor develops the syllabus for your course specifically based on what you need to know or may be wondering. This is your guide to see the semester at a glance and how the course will function. It holds the answers that can put you at ease if you’re worried. How you’ll be graded, upcoming deadlines and expectations, your instructor’s office hours—it’s all in the syllabus. Find as many answers as possible before you contact your instructor with additional questions. Doing a keyword search in the syllabus may help you find what you’re looking for right away, but be sure to read the entire document. 

Take time to breathe—without guilt.

Slowing down may seem like the opposite of what you should do as a new semester is ramping up. But taking a step back and allowing some time to breathe makes a big difference for your health and state of mind. You may feel worried because you’re looking at everything at once: the whole semester, multiple classes, and your job or other commitments. A few minutes to clear your head and relax can help you focus on what is most important for these first weeks of fall semester.  

Be honest about how you’re doing.

Everyone has moments of doubt and insecurity in college—when it feels like you aren’t doing well or your obligations are too overwhelming. There are two things to remember here. One, you are not alone in feeling worried, even if it seems like everyone else has it together. Two, don’t hide how you’re doing and what you’re feeling. Your professor, as well as many others on campus and accessible to you online, are here to help you succeed. Take advantage of your instructor’s office hours or UNK resources. You may feel a bit vulnerable, but you’ll be a lot less worried when you reach out for help, and get it.

So, start strong, be confident, and know that there will always be support for you at UNK. Here’s to a great fall semester!

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By: Rosanna Vail

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